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Christine Le

Christine Le

Picture of Christine Le
Christine Le
Assistant Professor, Research Stream




Le Lab


Office Location 346 CB
Phone Number (416) 736 - 2100 ext. 77708

Research Interests 

Organic and Inorganic Synthesis, Catalysis, Medicinal Chemistry

Our research interests lie in developing new reactions that expand the ‘toolbox’ that organic chemists can use to synthesize molecules in the laboratory. By providing alternative and complementary methods to stitch chemical bonds, we can increase the efficiency of various industrial processes – saving time, money, and valuable resources. Motivated by the needs of the pharmaceutical industry, we aim to develop robust methods to access unique heterocycles, carbocycles, and fluorine-containing molecules that expand the chemical space for drug discovery. Our approach to discovering new reactions involves thinking about reaction mechanisms and probing these atomic processes using physical organic techniques. Using a mechanism-driven approach to reaction discovery, we strive to create more sustainable chemical syntheses that capitalize on the use of renewable resources, while reducing or eliminating the production of hazardous substances.


Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry

UN Goals

Climate Action, Good Health and Well-being, Responsible Consumption and Production