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Service Excellence

Welcome to the future of services at York

The Service Excellence Program is building a culture of excellence by leveraging the right expertise at the right time, to deliver outstanding services every time. Since 2020, this program has worked to bring this vision to life by collaborating closely with the York community to:

  • Streamline processes to free-up staff time and expertise for more complex work.
  • Enhance service quality through shared accountability and a commitment to both sustainability and responsiveness.
  • Create a culture of service excellence that empowers staff to deliver exceptional services and engage in continuous improvement.

Four ways to create a better experience





Process improvements that put efficiency first.

Organizational re-design that streamlines end-to-end operations.

A central hub for processing high-volume admin requests through the University Service Centre.

Modernizing systems by introducing advanced technology to better support the needs of the community.

Change, communications, and engagement to support the community through transformation.

Training and upskilling to equip the community to use new systems and processes.

Executive Co-sponsors

Lisa Philipps
Provost and
Vice-President Academic

Carol McAulay
Finance and Administration

Laina Bay-Cheng
Interim Vice-President, Equity, People, and Culture

Our personal commitment to York’s vision for service excellence is reflected in our role as proud co-sponsors of the Service Excellence Program.

In this capacity, we work with the program team to oversee and deliver the best results for the University as a whole and invite all York faculty, instructors, and staff to play their part in making this program a success.