Student Systems Renewal Program (SSRP)

The countdown is ON for the new Financial Aid, Awards and Scholarships solution launch!

Beginning July 2024, the new solution will be available for students, faculty and staff to use. As training kicks off and we get closer to launch, register for training and review some resources available to help ensure the York community is prepared to get started when the solution is ready for use.


* A high-level overview of the training schedule is now available. View the schedule here.

York University is transforming the student, faculty and staff experience, making it easier for:

  • students to apply, enrol, take courses, as well as obtain degrees, diplomas, and certificates​;
  • faculty to plan and administer courses and curricula​;
  • students, faculty, and staff to be able to access the information they need;
  • the community to feel satisfied with York's delivery of a high-quality student experience.

SSRP is working with the York community to deliver a culture of service excellence at York – co-creating solutions that are user-focused and collaborative to enrich the experience for students, faculty and staff. New systems and processes will contribute to the priorities set out in York's University Academic Plan (UAP) in many ways, which include, providing global learning and research opportunities for students, supporting innovative curriculum delivery and developing connections to experiential learning opportunities.


York University is committed to creating positive change for students. The SSRP will introduce new processes and technology systems that will work together to improve the student experience as well as ensure that staff and faculty have the tools they need to effectively perform their administrative and academic work.

Transforming Processes

York will implement simple and efficient processes to enable high-quality service delivery. The SSRP team, in collaboration with subject matter experts from across the University, will ensure processes are streamlined and focused on value for students, faculty, and staff.

Transforming Systems

York will launch next generation technology systems to significantly improve how students, faculty, and staff interact with each other. Modern cloud platforms will position York for the future by emphasizing the user experience and by providing secure access to the information they need.

SSRP Benefits

Increased Operational Effectiveness, Efficiency and Excellence​

Automation and reduced overall complexity will enable staff to allocate more time and effort to improved student services and University strategic priorities.​

  • Simplified technology ecosystem
  • Automated, simplified, or digitized transactions (via enterprise systems minimizing time consuming manual processes)
  • Better insights and decision making
  • Increased capacity for innovation

Enhanced Relationships and Community Engagement 

Information to students and staff that is relevant to them, at the right time, and in a format that works for everyone.  

  • Increased coordination across departments
  • Personalized student engagement and agency in services 
  • Improved student experience with online services 
  • Connect every student to opportunities for flexible learning formats ​ (experiential education, transferable skills, global learning, micro-credentials, etc.,)
  • Increased distribution of awards and scholarships

Continuity of Operations 

Replace York’s outdated technologies and frameworks with modernized digital platforms that provide a secure, supportable and sustainable foundation and ensuring continuity of operations. 

  • Sustainable, scalable and supportable technology platforms
  • Improved security posture
  • Solutions which are continuously enhanced and developed (to keep pace with sectoral and technological change)
Change by the Numbers

Behind-the-scenes work enables the transformation of technology and business processes at York University, from project planning and process mapping, to data inventory and testing. Behind every number and milestone achievement lies a larger story of collaboration; one that includes SSRP team members, faculty and staff participating and sharing their knowledge to help York create positive change for the community.


Teams engaged across SSRP communications and reporting.


Faculty and staff engaged in SSRP related meetings, presentations and workshops to learn about program and provide feedback.


Business process maps completed in close collaboration with communities and departments across the University.


Reports inventoried to define data elements and improve data integrity.

SSRP Executive Sponsor

Carol McAulay
Finance and Administration

My personal commitment to York’s vision for service excellence is to deliver outstanding services that are highly valued by our students, faculty and staff; services that result in high levels of satisfaction. My role as Executive Sponsor of the Student Systems Renewal Program (SSRP) is to provide program oversight and work collaboratively with the program team to produce optimal results for the University. 

The SSRP is a transformational program that will enhance the student experience and support student success through the implementation of secure technology systems. It will also incorporate improved business processes to support the needs of the entire York community. We invite and encourage all students, faculty and staff to stay informed and engaged, and to contribute to the success of the SSRP.  

SSRP Co-Chairs

Brad Strom
Chief Information Officer
University Information Technology (UIT)

Keshia Gray
Interim Assistant Vice-Provost
& University Registrar

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