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About UIT

Enriching the community’s experience and capacity to act through technology


Six sub-departments within UIT work together to provide integrated solutions and services:

  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Infrastructure provides the University with a foundation of reliable, efficient and secure common services and technologies, including networking, telecommunication, server and database management.
  • Applications & Integration works in collaboration with groups throughout the University to obtain, develop, integrate and support a wide variety of software applications to enable University functions in many areas, from teaching and learning to web publishing to administrative systems.
  • Client Solutions and Services engages the York community directly and provides a variety of client-facing services including the service desk, computer support and classroom support.  The Client Support Services team is responsible for providing primary support to end-users who do not have access to a dedicated Faculty IT support team as well as offering services to Faculty IT units who act as the primary support team for their community.
  • IT Innovation and Academic Technologies is committed to advancing the institution's AI and emerging technology strategy, with a focus on technologies relevant to the academic field.
  • Operational Excellence ensures UIT delivers on its strategy in the most effective way possible, through the effective steering of the Project Management Office, application of continuous improvement principles and streamlining and orchestration of business processes
  • Information Security seeks to protect private, confidential and sensitive information from unauthorized or inappropriate access, with a focus on prevention, risk mitigation, data integrity and availability, intrusion detection remediation measures.
  • Administration is responsible for assisting, advising, and providing oversight of finances, HR, administrative and logistic activities and processes across UIT.

The Service Desk is the liaison between York University’s central IT services and its users. It is your initial point of contact for reporting technical problems, seeking solutions, and making routine requests for services. Service Desk staff are experienced and knowledgeable, and strive to provide quick resolution to your IT inquiries.

The Service Desk also keeps the York community informed of all IT-related developments, changes and events (including technical emergencies, service maintenance and interruptions). Please see for assistance provided by the Service Desk and hours of support.

UIT Strategy

Toward the Digital University: IT Strategic Plan 2019-2024 - Version 1.0 (pdf)

Our Vision

Enriching the community’s experience and capacity to act through technology

Our Mission

York IT provides inclusive technology-based service experience to the York community in support of the University’s goals

Our Mandate

University Information Technology (UIT) provides leadership in information technology direction, planning, policy development and integrated service delivery for York. In partnership with other University IT groups and external providers, UIT provides integrated information technology services, solutions and support that enable all members of the York community in furthering the University’s and their own academic, research and administrative goals.

Our Guiding Principles


The purpose of all technology-driven action is people, i.e. the end users. The idea of user-centred service, as well as integrated approaches, is based on this principle.


Technology is also a means of bringing people together and facilitating collaboration. This starts with the institution’s IT community and grows to encompass the university community and beyond.


Our goal is to create value for our community by providing services that meet their wants and needs. Value also implies operational cost effectiveness. In a context of scarcity, this is as much an ethical as it is a business principle.


Given the growing expectations of the sophisticated users we serve, it becomes imperative to constantly devise new ways of creating value for them. Innovation is a principle that supports a value-oriented service philosophy in the face of ever-present change and systemic entropy. We believe that innovation must be a driving force of York IT, from daily activities to strategic goals.


Innovation is not possible if the institution cannot act promptly and adapt to a rapidly changing and unpredictable environment. The term “agile” was chosen specifically for its linkage to a valuable project management methodology York IT can draw on to innovate.

Annual Reports to the Community

Who’s Who in UIT

See the departments and people who comprise University Information Technology (UIT) in the York Atlas Directory.