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Filtering Reports with the New eReports

Filtering Reports with the New eReports

Navigating your reports just became a whole lot easier! We are happy to introduce one of the most exciting new features of the eReports upgrade: Filtering. Interactive filtering empowers you to adjust your reports' data right within the tool. This means you don't need to export a report to modify it anymore!

To train you on using this new feature, we've created a video tutorial that will teach you how to:

  • Turn on the raw data view option
  • Enable interactivity on your reports
  • Apply filters to your reports
  • Understand filter conditions
  • Use advanced filters
  • Remove filters

We've also included a short how-to guide for those who prefer to learn through text.

Whether you read through our guide or watch the video, you'll be filtering reports with ease in no time! Happy reporting.