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Welcome to the Department of Communication Studies, one of the most quickly growing departments at York University. Our approach to communication emphasizes the questioning and analysing of media and technology in their relationship to social and cultural practices and the circulation of ideas and values.

We offer an interdisciplinary program that seeks to create professionals and thinkers who can critically engage with the various dimensions of communication. Our faculty possesses diverse research interests that span an array of fields: policy, politics, international development, mass media, new media, gender and identity; and a curriculum that provides students with the theoretical and applied, as well as critical and analytical, skills necessary to engage with past and current complex communications phenomena and technologies.


As of August 11, 2014, we have reviewed all requests on our waitlists, and where possible and appropriate, assigned spots to students in one or more our courses. We are now suspending the lists. IF YOU HAVE A NEW REQUEST for entry into a comn studies course that you can't access yourself,

Please note that we have opened up spots to non-comn studies majors in the following comn courses: COMN 3111 3.0, COMN 3112 3.0, COMN 3700 3.0, COMN 3750 3.0 and COMN 3751 3.0.

We have also cancelled the following comn4xxx courses:

COMN 4217 6.0, COMN 4732 3.0, COMN 4733 3.0, and COMN 4780 3.0



We are now asking students who need an advising session to phone the
office at 416-736-5057 or Email and request an appointment.

Booking in advance will allow us more time to prepare for the session. If your question(s) are about the requirements of the major, we also ask you to prepare by reading the 2014/15 COMN Calendar before you request a meeting; your question(s) may be answered there!



Many of you with 24 credits and who enrolled in Comn2500 6.0, received an email notifying you that we had to change the time and place for Comn2500 6.0.    This was due to unanticipated demand for the course and the inability to find a large lecture hall during the day.  This change has caused some of you particular hardships, but since the required comn2xxx courses are NOT prerequisites for comn3xxx level courses, it should be possible for you to rearrange your timetable to include 6 credits at the comn3xxx level and postpone taking comn2500 6.0 (till the next time it is offered) to make a timetable that suits your needs.  There are spaces in ALL comn3xxx courses as of today.  And this new time for the Comn2500 6.0 lecture ((Monday 19:00-21:00) might suit some of you who didn't enroll because its original time didn't fit.   (Please note that enrollments in the other required comn2xxx courses (comn2200 6.0 + comn2700 6.0) are very tight, so if you withdraw from one you might not be able to get back in.)

For 4th year majors:  We are reviewing our wait lists for students who don't yet have 84 credits (but will have at the end of the summer term); please expect an email from our office soon.  We will make every effort to ensure you're in a position to graduate June 2015. 

As well, if you're a 4th year major (that is you will have the 84 credits as of Sept. 2015), applications ares till being considered for admission to the placement course:  Comn4150 "Experiental Research Methods at Work." See details below under "News and Events".

As of 1 July 2014, I have reassumed the position as Undergraduate Program Director;  if you have ANY concerns about your courses, about international exchanges, etc. please send an email to  We're  here to help.   Mary-Louise Craven, UPD

  News & Events

  • Aidan Moir  getting medal

    COMN Alumni Aidan Moir receives York's highest academic honour: The Governor General's Gold Academic Medal

           Aidan Moir, who graduated with an Honours B.A. in Communication Studies at York, and this June 2014 with an M.A. from the Communication and Culture Joint Ryerson and York Graduate program received the Governor General's Award as the graduate student with the highest academic standing.  Congratulations Aidan!  


  • Students admitted under the old criteria (FW 2009- Summer 2012) please refer to this mini-calendar 2014/15 COMN Calendar (FORMER RULES)

    IMPORTANT NOTE - Hard-copies of the current academic calender are no longer available.
  • Course Number Changes: In our move to change the program, we have changed the course numbering scheme. The old/new course list is available in both of the minicalendars below. This list is valid for courses being taught this F//W 2013/2014.
  • York Exchange Possibilities
    Why not consier taking part of your degree at a university outside of Canada on a York Exchange? Please go to this site for details and if you're interested in attending an information session as posted there.
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