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Welcome to the Department of Communication Studies, one of the most quickly growing departments at York University. Our approach to communication emphasizes the questioning and analysing of media and technology in their relationship to social and cultural practices and the circulation of ideas and values.

We offer an interdisciplinary program that seeks to create professionals and thinkers who can critically engage with the various dimensions of communication. Our faculty possesses diverse research interests that span an array of fields: policy, politics, international development, mass media, new media, gender and identity; and a curriculum that provides students with the theoretical and applied, as well as critical and analytical, skills necessary to engage with past and current complex communications phenomena and technologies.

Important Information

  1. The 2014/15 COMN Calendar is now available!

Students admitted under the old criteria (FW 2009- Summer 2012) please refer to this mini-calendar 2014/15 COMN Calendar (FORMER RULES)

IMPORTANT NOTE - Hard-copies of the current academic calender are no longer available.


  1. York Exchange Possibilities
    Why not consier taking part of your degree at a university outside of Canada on a York Exchange? Please go to for details.

The deadline for FW 2015/2016 exchange is December 15, 2014.


  1. Advising


We are now asking students who need an advising session to phone the
office at 416-736-5057 or Email and request an appointment.

Booking in advance will allow us more time to prepare for the session. If your question(s) are about the requirements of the major, we also ask you to prepare by reading the 2014/15 COMN Calendar before you request a meeting; your question(s) may be answered there!



Professor Kevin Dowler (Chair) and Mary-Louise Craven (Undergraduate Program Director), and students Sabrina Fields and Lisa Amos (representing the Communication Studies Student Association) greeted high school students at the Fall Fair held November 8, 2014.

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