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Welcome to the Department of Communication Studies, one of the most quickly growing departments at York University. Our approach to communication emphasizes the questioning and analysing of media and technology in their relationship to social and cultural practices and the circulation of ideas and values.

We offer an interdisciplinary program that seeks to create professionals and thinkers who can critically engage with the various dimensions of communication. Our faculty possesses diverse research interests that span an array of fields: policy, politics, international development, mass media, new media, gender and identity; and a curriculum that provides students with the theoretical and applied, as well as critical and analytical, skills necessary to engage with past and current complex communications phenomena and technologies.

Important Information

  1. Summer 2015 WAITLISTS.

Listed below, are links to 3 online wait lists--one for comn2700, one for the comn3xxx courses, and the last one for comn4xxx courses. Please wait for your enrollment window, and if you cannot enroll on your own, ONLY THEN, place your name on the appropriate wait list(s).

 Please note : a)  You don't need to have completed all your comn2xxx courses in order to take comn3xxx courses and (b) You MUST have 84 credits before you can enroll in a comn4xxx course. 

Please DO NOT put your name on a waitlist more than once and please DO NOT keep inquiring about the status of the request(s).  We will be monitoring the wait lists and will let you know if we have mounted permission for you to enroll. 


(This is for COMN Majors who will have completed 84 credits by the end of April, but because the final grades aren't released till June can't enroll in summer courses on their own).

  1. Students who enrolled in FALL 2014 can download new Degree Checklist by following this link:


    2014/15 Degree Checklist

    (Please note that for all students enrolled as of Fall 2012, the requirements for the major are the same, but for those who entered in FALL 2014, the Gen Eds requirements are now 21 credits instead of 24).


  1. The 2014/15 COMN Calendar is now available!

Students admitted under the old criteria (FW 2009- Summer 2012) please refer to this mini-calendar 2014/15 COMN Calendar (FORMER RULES)

IMPORTANT NOTE - Hard-copies of the current academic calender are no longer available.


  1. York Exchange Possibilities
    Why not consier taking part of your degree at a university outside of Canada on a York Exchange? Please go to for details.
  1. Advising


We are now asking students who need an advising session to phone the
office at 416-736-5057 or Email and request an appointment.

Booking in advance will allow us more time to prepare for the session. If your question(s) are about the requirements of the major, we also ask you to prepare by reading the 2014/15 COMN Calendar before you request a meeting; your question(s) may be answered there!




With a room full of family, friends, staff and faculty in attendance, a group of outstanding students in the Departments of Social Science and Communication Studies received a total of 40 awards at a ceremony held on November 19, 2014 in the Underground Restaurant.

The awards in the Department of Communication Studies were given to the following students:  the Eric Koch Award to Elizabeth Vrantsidis, the Jerry Durlak Award to Esteban Sabbatasso, the Dalton Kehoe Award to Nicole Otieno, the Riva Orlicky Award to Olivia Chandler, the Arthur Siegel Award to Sage Smith and the Penny Joliffe Award to Hassam Munir.


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