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Consumer Behaviour (Six-Week Version)
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Things you may be wondering about on the first day
What's This Course?

The first Monday of summer classes is our first day of class; be sure not to miss it. We only have six weeks, so on this first night, groups are assigned, you start work, and the first assignment is due on Wednesday. If you are reading this after the first day of class, without having been in class on the first day of class, read the course syllabus, particularly about deadlines and group work, and be sure that this is the right course for you.

Note that what is provided here are outlines to facilitate your taking notes in class. If you are accustomed to the Learning Units for Intro Marketing or Gender Issues taken as an Internet course with me, you will find these not nearly so extensive. 

A walk through the course and the materials we'll use 
We meet twice a week, Mondays and Wednesdays, for three hours each night, for six weeks in the TEL building, just east of Atkinson, Room 1004, from 4:00 to 6:45 pm 

Your assigned readings for the first day of class are the course materials on the web site (this page you are reading is part of it). You are responsible for everything that's on or linked to from the Course Syllabus. Be sure to read your Course Syllabus thoroughly; it contains just about everything you have to know and are responsible for knowing with respect to the course.  

Your first assignment is due on the first Wednesday of classes, in the first 15 minutes of class, and on every subsequent Wednesday. There are no extensions for any assignment for any reason. This is a group project and someone in the group needs to take responsibility for handing it in on time. You can go see The Six Wednesdays Project, but then come back and read the rest of this page. The Six Wednesdays Project

Who's This Professor?

Some things you should know about me
I come from a feminist school of pedagogy that believes it matters who is teaching you. I'm not your typical business professor, but I am a fairly typical consumer, just as susceptible as anyone else to marketing ploys. I'll tell you a little more about me, and you can also browse through the web and get some idea of who I am, how I teach, what my biases are likely to be, what I look for in assignments.


What are these Groups?

You will be assigned to a group with which you will work during this very short six-week course, the shortness of the term being why you can't change groups, period - don't even ask. I know groups can be dreadful, but they don't have to be. Part of your learning experience in this course will be figuring out ways to get group members to work together. It may mean getting someone who's not working to pull their weight; it may mean getting someone who's too bossy to back down... it's not easy, but it's done every day in business. 

You will be given time in almost every class to meet together and work, with me there to consult with. Don't miss this opportunity; it's not intended as a time to skip out to the "library" (yeah I know, I used to go to the "library" when I was a student too). Stay and work with your group. If you work together in the time allotted in class, you should be able to quickly finish up the rest of the group work by email. In the brand new TEL classroom, which is large and airy, you will have no excuse for taking your group to meet "elsewhere." You are free to go get coffee, etc., but plan to meet with your group in the classroom so that I can visit with each group and assist you. 


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AP/ADMS 3210 3.0 Consumer Behaviour
York University, Toronto
M Louise Ripley, M.B.A., Ph.D.