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Consumer Behaviour
Personality and Lifestyles
Chapter 6 Solomon Consumer Behaviour

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Who Are You?
Who are you and why do you buy what you buy? 
Think about your own buying behaviour in terms of who you are



Reality Principle
Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, but a lot is sold with sex

Motivational Research
Dichter -
used psychoanalysis to find subconscious motives for buying
Horney - different types of people buy different types of products
Jung - Archetypes; we're shaped by past generations' experience
Adler - we buy to overcome feelings of inferiority
Sullivan - we develop particular personality traits to reduce anxiety


Trait Theory - Too simple to be useful


Brand Personality
Brand Equity
Marketers use all this information about personality to create personalities for brands. 
Are there any brands here you DON'T recognize?

Three Levels of Animism
Spokesperson - the celebrity is available through the brand

The Great One flogging Peak antifreeze

Anthropomorphism - an object becomes human 

The Pillsbury Doughboy

Selected Anthropomorphism - object is imbued with human qualities but not actually treated as human

Have you met my 1992 purple Taurus?

Lifestyles and Psychographics

Lifestyle: Who We Are and What We Do

Product Complementarity: Products as the Building Blocks of Lifestyle

Product Complementarity
Think about products you buy as a student at a large commuter university. Can we cluster those all together to come up with a "consumption constellation" that describes in terms of products purchased, the typical York student? 


Demographics asks, "Who buys?" 
Psychographics asks, "Why do they buy?"

William Wells called Psychographics "putting flesh on demographic bones"

Product Complementarity
What patterns of behaviour describe you?
How do you think knowing this help a company market to you?

AIO - Activities, Interests, Opinions
20% of your market buys 80% of your product
Who do you cater to?

Uses for Psychographic Segmentation

To define a target market
create a new view of a market
position the product
communicate product attributes
develop an overall strategy
market social and political issues

Which of these will you use in marketing your new product?

Check out the VALS survey

Click the above link to be taken to an example of a VALS survey. Basically it trys to figure out what is of value to you so that advertisers can known how to get you to buy their products.

Lifestyle Trends 

What major trends of today will affect how you market your new product to your target market?

One Minute Paper
someone please remind me of this if I forget; I need to hear from you what's still not clear 

Time for Group Meetings


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