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Call for Papers

The State Of The Art(S):
African Studies And American Studies In Comparative Perspective

The Office of International Programs and the Faculty of Arts, both at the  University of Cape Coast, Ghana, with the support of the Public Affairs  Section of the United States Embassy, Ghana, are pleased to announce a  four-day conference on "The State of the Art(s): African Studies and
American Studies in Comparative Perspective". The conference will be held  at the Sasakawa Conference Centre at the University of Cape Coast, Cape  Coast, Ghana, from May 8-11, 2002.

This conference, the second in a series, is built on the notion that a  comparison of perspectives can provide the opportunity for dialogue and  thus enhance understanding between the two continents. The press of our  world today demands exacting new myths, metaphors, and theories, which can
stand in fair challenge to the rhetoric of intolerance and segregation. The  virtue of the comparisons this conference hopes to engender is one that  enables us to shine new light on shared problems, to synthesize current  research, and to build towards a balanced understanding of Africa and  America. The aim is to discover the state of the art(s): the best  contemporary thinking about significant linkages between Africa and America  within a multi-disciplinary and an inter-disciplinary context.

Please send all abstracts to the conveners before March 15, 2002.

Conference Conveners:
Dr. Kwadwo Opoku-Agyemang D Prof. Atta Britwum
Director, Office of International Programs Department of French
University of Cape Coast, Ghana Univ. of Cape Coast, Ghana
E-mail: uccoip@ghana.com E-mail: Deptfre@ghana.com
Phone: 223-42-33808 Phone: 223-42-30723
Fax: 233-42-33807 Fax: 233-42-30941
York/UNESCO Nigerian Hinterland Project
Department of History, York University,  Toronto, Canada
Email: nigerian@yorku.ca
Fax: (416) 650-8173