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Recent publication by HTI members

Bawa, Sylvia

  • “Agency, Social Status and Performing Marriage in Postcolonial Societies”. Journal of Asian and African Studies (co-authored with Dery, F.), 2019.

Bunting, Annie

Davis, Andrea A.

  • “Un/Belonging in Diasporic Cities: A Literary History of Caribbean Women in London and Toronto.” Caribbean Review of Gender Studies 13, April 2019.
  • The Black Woman Native Speaking Subject: Reflections of a Black Female Professor in Canada.
  • Atlantis: Critical Studies in Gender, Culture, and Social Justice 39:1 (70-78), 2018.

Dey, Sayan

"‘Killing with Kindness;: Political Icons, Socio-cultural Victims: Visual Coloniality of the Siddis in Karnataka" in Political Communication as decolonisation and performance: Africa and the diaspora. Edited by Beschara Karam and Bruce Mutsvairo. London: Routledge. 2021.

Elliott, Denielle

  • Reimagining Science and Statecraft in Postcolonial Kenya: Stories from an African Scientist. London: Routledge Press, (co-authored with Davy Kiprotich Koech), September 2018.

Lovejoy, Paul E.

  • Redefining African Regions for Linking Open-Source Data, History in Africa (co-authored with Walter Hawthorne, Henry B. Lovejoy, Edward Alpers, Mariana Candido, Matthew Hopper), 2019.

Mianda, Gertrude

Murray, Collette

Neil, Debora