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"Repercussions of the Atlantic Slave Trade:
The Interior of the Bight of Biafra and the African Diaspora"
July 10 - 14 2000, Enugu, Nigeria



Joseph Adande
(University of Benin)
"Ophiolatry and Slave Trade: From the Bight of Benin to the New World"
C.C. Agbodike
(Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Nigeria)
"The Atlantic Slave Trade – Responses of Enslaved Individuals to Conditions of Slavery in the Bight of Biafra, During the Middle Passage and in the Americas"
Austin Ahnotu
(California State University)
"Slavers and Historical Memory: Should the Village Remember? "
U.D. Anyanwu
(Abia State University, Nigeria)
"The Atlantic Slave Trade and Demographic Configuration in South-Eastern Nigeria"
Christine Ayorinde
(Nigerian Hinterland Project)
"Ekpe in Cuba: the Abakua Secret Society, Race and Politics"
Eli Bentor
(Appalachia State University)
"Aro Ikeji Festival – Historical Experience and Negotiated Identities"
Carolyn Brown
(Rutgers University)
"Contestation and Identity Transformation Under Colonialism: Emancipation Struggles in South Nkanu 1920-1935"
Abena Busia
(Rutgers University)
""Those Ibos! Jus’ Upped and Walked Away": The Story of the Slaves at Ibo Landing as Transcendent Ritual"
Vincent Carretta "Defining a Gentleman: the Status of Olaudah Equiano or Gustavus Vassa"
Douglas Chambers
(University of Southern Mississippi)
"Out of Calabar: The Igbo Diaspora in the Early AtlanticWorld"
Joseph Okokon Charles
(University of Calabar)
""Ethnic Antagonism and the Search for Cultural Identity Among Efik and Ibibio of Nigeria: An Aftermath of Transatlantic Slave Trade"
Hannah Ngozi Eby Chukwu
(University of Nigeria)
"The Atlantic Slave Trade and its Aftermath: Religion as a Response Weapon for the Antebellum Black American Women Writers"
T.J. Desch-Obi
"Biafran Cultural Traditions in North America"
Felix Ekechi
(Kent State)
"Perspectives on the Social and Economic Dimensions of the Slave Trade in the Biafran Hinterland: Examples from the Owerri Area"
Sydney Emezue
(Abia State Uuniversity)
"The Touch of Life and the Kiss of Death: An Assessment of the Impact of Aro Slave Trade on Bende"
Anayo Enechukwu
(Enugu Historical Documentation Bureau)
"The Slave Trade Has Not Ended, It is Still Booming in the Bight of Biafra"
P.C. Ezeah
(University of Science and Technology, Enugu)
"The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and the Crisis of Under-Development in Africa"
Ichie P.A. Ezikeojiaku "The OSU (Social Outcast) and the Atlantic Slave Trade in South Eastern Nigeria"
E.S.D. Fomin "Procreation in Slavery in the Interior of the Bight of Biagra 1750-1950"
Michael A. Gomez "A Quality of Anguish: The Igbo Response to Enslavement in the Americas"
Axel Harneit-Sievers
(Center for Modern Oriental Studies, Berlin)
"‘Post-Slavery’: Repercussions of Pre-Colonial Slavery Relationships in Contemporary Local Politics. The Case of Nike, Enugu State, Nigeria"
J. Okoro Ijoma
(University of Nigeria, Nsukka)
"The Impact of the Slave Trade on the Interior of the Bight of Biafra: An Overview"
Femi J. Kolapo
(York University, Toronto)
"Nineteenth Century Niger River Trade and the 1844-1862 Aboh Interregnum"
Paul E. Lovejoy
(York University) and
David Richardson
(University of Hull)
"‘This Horrid Hole’: Commerce and Credit at Bonny 1690-1840"
John McCall
(University of Southern Illinois)
"Before the Middle Passage: The Slave Routes from the Igbo Hinterland to Slave Port at Bonny in the Bight of Biafra"
Prince Paschal N. Mebuge-Obaa Jr.
(Museum Piece International)
"War Against Slavery in Nri Kingdom and the Establishment of Military Alliance Against Aros Slave Merchants"
Paul Obiyo Mbanaso Njemanze
(University of Lagos)
"A Boat Against the Tide: Ex-Slaves in Post-Emancipation Igboland and the Americas"
Johnston Akuma Kalu Njoku|
(Western Kentucky University)
"The Material Culture and Oral History of Slave Routes from the Igbo Hinterland to the Slave Port at Bonny: Preliminary Findings, Proposed Research Program and Methodology"
Ndu Life Njoku
(Imo State University)
"Slave Autobiographies as History: A Reading of Equiano’s The Interesting Narrative…"
Queen Joy Nwoji
(University of Nigeria, Nsukka) and Nene Onyekwelu (University of Nigeria, Nsukka)
"The Impact of Umuada (Women) Sold into Slavery in Awka Southern-Eastern Nigeria: The Lingering Impression"
G. Ugo Nwokeji
(University of Connecticut) and
David Eltis
(Queen’s University)
"The Roots of the African Diaspora? Methodological Observations on the Names of 19th Century Recaptives"
Paul Obi-Ani
(University of Nigeria)
"Stigmatization of Descendants of Slaves in Igboland: Aftermath of Forced "Abolition""
Ngozi E. Ojiakor
(Nnamdi Azikiwe University)
"Slavery Slave Trade and Emancipation in Igboland in Nigeria: The Case Study of Ogbaru Communities"
P.U. Okpoko and C.A. Ngwa
(University of Nigeria)
"Reproduced Identity: Tracing the Roots of Slaves in Diaspora"
Nicholas Omenka
(Abia State University)
"Spirit Landing: The Place of Former Slaves in Christian Evangelism in the Biafran Hinterland"
Christian C. Opata and
Damian U. Opata
(University of Nigeria, Nsukka)
"Ownership Structure of Slaves Among 19th Century Nsukka, Igbo"
John Oriji
(California Polytechnic State University)
"Transformation in Igbo Cosmology During Slavery: Place-Names, Totems and the Quest for a Collective Identity"
Nneka Osakwe
(Nnamdi Azikwe University)
"Semantic Implications of ‘Ohu’ and ‘Amadi’: The Aftermath of Slavery in Nkanu and Ezeagu, Northern Igboland"
Ejitu Nnechi Ota
(Abia State University)
"The Impact of Aro State Trade on the Immediate Neighbours of Arochukwu"
RenČe Soulodre-La France
(York University)
"Buried Treasure: Searching with Francisco Castaneda, Negro Esclavo Caravali"
E.N. Ngozichukwuka Uchendu
(University of Nigeria)
"Rating of Slaves in the West Niger Igbo Area"
Joy O. Uguru
(University of Nigeria)
"Identity Loss, Linguistic Inequality and Insecurity Among Slave Trade Victims"
Innocent F.A. Uzoechi "Slavery in Agbaja Area of Colonial Udi Division"

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