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Mother Tongue Buxton broadcasts in February

February is Black History Month and a new television show to air on TV Ontario (TVO), Canadian Learning Television (CLT) and Book TV explores Black History in Canada from a fresh perspective.

In "Mother Tongue The Other Side of History (Episode 1, Buxton)" 16-year-old Toni Parker of Buxton Ontario explores her family history from a distinctly female point of view.

Toni's great great grandmother Eliza Parker was a runaway slave and freedom fighter who was involved in an armed rebellion against slavery in Christiana, Pennsylvania in 1851.

In this half-hour documentary Toni tells the dramatic story of Eliza Parker and the Christiana Riot - a story that involves bravery and strength in the face of danger.

This program is the first of a 13-part series investigating Canada's multicultural history from a female perspective. Other communities to be featured include Chinese, Acadian, Ukrainian, Russian Doukhobor, Vietnamese, Japanese, Somali, First Nations, Italian, Icelandic, Finnish and Jewish.

This series - which previously had the working title of "Ethnic Soup: A Woman's History of Canada" - has three goals:

-To show viewers the role Canada's ethnic communities played in this country's history.

-To encourage viewers to plan their own ethnic Canada trips, visiting the communities covered in the series.

-To empower girls and young women by showing them the role that women played in Canada's past.

Broadcast times are:
TVO - PREMIERE Feb. 1st 7:30 pm, Feb. 7th at 12:30.
Canadian Learning Television - Feb. 9 at 1:00 PM Eastern, Monday - Feb 9 -7:00 Eastern
Book TV - Tuesday, Feb 17 - 9:00 PM MNT, Sunday, Feb 22 - 6:00 PM MNT

Mother Tongue is produced by ThinkStock Inc, an independent production company specialising in educational programs that explore Canada's ethnic heritage and history.

The rest of the series will be filmed in the spring and summer of 2005. It will be ready for broadcast in January 2005. For more information please visit

The website will be re-launched on February 1, 2004.