SHADD   Studies in the History of the African Diaspora – Documents
Thabit Abdullah
José C. Curto
Paul E. Lovejoy
Renée Soulodre-La France,
David Trotman
1   `Abd al-Rahman al-Baghdadi, Musalliyat al-gharib (The Foreigner’s Amusement by Wonderful Things) (1865), translated by Yacine Daddi Addoun, with Renée Soulodre-La France (PDF)read(View document read)
2   Documents of the French Slave Trade on West Africa, including “Mémoire sur les negres esclaves” [1716]read; “Mémoire du commerce du Calbar” [1762] (ADLA C 736, Chambre du Commerce de Nantes)read  (View document read); “Extrait de mémoire donné par Mr. Lepinay en septembre 1762” (ADLA C 738 folio 76)read; Archives Nationales, Nantes; transcription by Renée Soulodre-La France.
3   Muhammad Kaba Saghanughu, Kitab al-Sarat, Arabic text from Jamaica wrongly attributed to be fragments of the Qur'an, c. 1824; Baptist Missionary Society, Oxford read (View manuscript read)
4 The Slave Laws of Colonial Nigeriaread
1. The Native House Rule Ordinance of Southern Nigeria (1901)read;
2. Paul Lovejoy and Jan Hogendorn,
     "The Slavery Question in Colonial Northern Nigeria, 1900-1906"read;
3. Frederick Lugard, Memorandum No. 6 (1905, revised 1906)read;
4. Frederick Lugard, Memorandum No. 22 (1906)read.
5   al-Timbuktawi ms, in Arabic, from Tunis, c. 1813, translated by Ismael Musah Montana
6   Timbuktu slavery documents, 19th century (Hunwick Collection), translated by Yacine Daddi Addoun
7   Documents on Slavery and the Slave Trade, Nigerian National Archives, Enugu; inventory by Paul Lovejoy and Carolyn Brown*
8   Texts of Ocha Ifa and Santeria, Regla, Cuba, 61 volumes; introduction by Henry Lovejoyread 
9   Slavery in Nueva Granada; selection of archival documents on slavery, Archivo de la Nación, Colombia, Sección Colonia, Negros y Esclavos; inventory of materials by Renée Soulodre-La France*
10   Mahi-Mina texts from 18th century Rio de Janeiro; Biblioteca Nacional, Rio de Janeiro; introduced by Mariza de Carvalho Soares* (View document read)
11   Robin Law (ed.), Documents on the History of the Oyo Empire; texts relevant to the history of Oyo, drawing on published documents and translations of non-English texts (previously published, Department of History, University of Ibadan) read
Hugh Clapperton into the Interior of Africa Records of the Second Expedition, 1825-1827
Edited by Jamie Bruce Lockhart and Paul E. Lovejoy
  read http://www.brill.nl/m_catalogue_sub6_id18126.htm


  William Balfour Baikie, Reports on the Niger Valley and the Central Sudan (1850s), edited materials from the Public Record Office; inventory and introduction by Femi Kolapo and Paul Lovejoy
14   Rudolph Prietze, Hausa and Kanuri texts from Tripoli, c. 1900, previously published in Mitteilungen des Seminars für Orientalische Sprachen; edited by Paul Lovejoy
15   Reports and Documents on Trinidad Muslims in the 19th Century; records from the Public Record Office; inventory and introduction by David Trotman and Paul Lovejoy
16   Underground Railroad Reports on Canada West (Ontario), documents from the Ontario Provincial Archives; ntroduced by Paul Lovejoy, Owen Thomas, and Karolyn Smardz
17   Malés texts from Bahia, Arabic documents, c. 1835, introduced by Ibrahim Hamza and João Reis
18   Documents from the Archives of A.O.F.; inventory of holdings, K Series, Slavery
19   Slavery Documents, Nigerian National Archives, Kaduna; introduction and inventory by Paul Lovejoy*
Servants Of The Sharia: The Civil Register Of The Qadi's Court Of Brava 1893-1900 (African Sources for African History)
Edited by Alessandra Vianello and Mohamed M. Kassim


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