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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is the Graduate Diploma in Asian Studies (GDAS)?

The Graduate Diploma in Asian Studies (GDAS) is a one-of-a-kind diploma tailored specifically for students conducting their graduate research in Asia and Asian Diasporas. With support from a large number of experts in Asian Studies, the Diploma provides academic and professional exposure to students who can enrich their graduate training and strengthen their credentials in Asian Studies.

Q. What are the admission requirements?

Currently, the GDAS is not a stand alone programme. You must be a registered graduate student at York University. The Diploma will be awarded with your degree.

Q. When do I apply?

Students are encouraged to indicate their interest to the GDAS Coordinator early in their programme to ensure the requirements are completed. However, there is no set annual deadline for enrolling.

Q. Where do I get enrollment form?

Enrollment forms are available at the YCAR office (834 Kaneff Tower) or downloaded here .

Q. How can I apply?

You can submit the Enrollment Form by email (scanned) to gdas@yorku.ca or delivered to the YCAR office (834 Kaneff Tower or by post (see Contact Us).

Q. When will I know if my application has been accepted?

After the Diploma Coordinator has received your application, she will contact you to set up a preliminary meeting.

Q. Do I have to pay additional fee for enrolling in the GDAS?

York University enrolled in a masters or PhD programme do not need to pay additional fee for enrolling in the GDAS.

Q. Can I take courses before being admitted to the Diploma Programme?

Yes, you can take courses appropriate to your degree. However, there is one core course you must take as part of the Diploma Programme.

Q. How long do I have to complete the Diploma Programme?

There is no pre-set deadline to complete the programme. Rather, it depends on the student’s programme structure and requirements. However the requirements for the Diploma must be completed before you graduate.   

Q. Is the attendance at YCAR events obligatory for Diploma students?

Attending YCAR events is not obligatory, however, students are strongly encouraged to attend and participate whenever possible.

Q. Which Asian languages are acceptable to meet the programme requirements?

The selected language should be relevant to your research area.

Q. What levels of language competency is required?

The decision on the level of language aquisition required will be made by your Diploma Committee in consultation with the Diploma Coordinator. An oral or written examination to test your language proficiency may be required. There is no cost for this examination.

Q. How long and what types of fieldwork are expected to fulfil the requirements?

A period of 12 weeks is the norm. The content of the fieldwork and/or other experience will be discussed with your Diploma Committee prior to your fieldwork to meet individual circumstances. Exceptions can be made for field experience prior to entering graduate school, subject to conditions that can be discussed with the Diploma Coordinator and your Diploma Committee.

Q. Who should I contact for further information?

Prospective students can contact the Diploma Coordinator at jkim@yorku.ca or the Programme Administrator at gdas@yorku.ca.


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