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Privatizing Environmental Governance: A global analysis of the effects and effectiveness of environmental certification for farmed salmon and shrimp

Team Member Profiles


Peter Vandergeest (York Centre for Asian Research, and Geography, York University)

Professor Vandergeest is conducting site-specific research in Thailand, and collaborating on the global analysis of commodity chains and certification institutions for both salmon and shrimp. He is the project's principal investigator.

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Derek Hall (Political Science, Wilfrid Laurier University

Professor Hall helps to coordinate the research (co-investigator), and will conduct the research on global commodity chains for shrimp and salmon.  He is also be responsible for research on environmental activism, consumption and certification initiatives in Japan for both salmon and shrimp. This research focuses on the implementation of traceability and certification (Fair Trade, for example) in Japan as they are extended to suppliers in Asia (shrimp), British Columbia (salmon), and Chile (salmon).

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Md. Saidul Islam (Sociology, Nanyang Technological University

Professor Islam is conducting research related to shrimp aquaculture in Bangladesh. His doctoral thesis (2008) explored “Environmental Governance in the Global Agro-food System: A Study of Shrimp Aquaculture in Bangladesh”. Professor Islam was asked in 2010 to join the Standards Oversight Committee (SOC) of Global Aquaculture Alliance (GAA). This committee directs the drafting of standards by BAP technical committees and reports its recommendations to the GAA board of directors for final standards approval.

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Beatriz Cid (Doctoral Candidate, York University

Beatriz has a background in rural studies focused on Chile. She conducted conducting site-specific study on salmon in Chile, and contributing to the project's global analysis of salmon.

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Paul Foley (Doctoral Candidate, Political Science, York University

Paul is conducting research in Canada and contributing to the global analysis of seafood certification. In 2009 and 2010, he conducted research and interviews on salmon and shrimp certification in Atlantic Canada. He is also working on his doctoral dissertation, which focuses on new environmental certification in Canadian fisheries.

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Anusorn Unno (Doctoral Candidate, University of Washington

Anusorn is a doctoral candidate at the University of Washington in Seattle, and he is conducting research as part of a larger project on environment and aquaculture. The project is investigating the effects and effectiveness of different approaches to achieving sustainability in the shrimp farming industry in Thailand, with particular attention to environmental and other forms of certification. He conducted interviews with all related stakeholders in the industry to solicit their experience on views with respect to shrimp farming and sustainability.

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