Better Together

York’s commitment to open and respectful dialogue, and about our collective efforts to create inclusive and welcoming campuses.


  • Safety is our top priority: Every member of the York community must be safe on our campuses. Students, faculty members, instructors and staff have the right to fully participate in all facets of university life without harassment, intimidation, threats, disruption or acts of violence.
  • Discrimination will not be tolerated: Targeting any member of the York community based on their race, religion, national origin, or any other identified characteristic is unacceptable and cannot be tolerated.
  • We respect the right to free speech and the free exchange of ideas: York is committed to the fundamental values of free expression, free inquiry and respect for genuine diversity of thought and opinion. It is the right of all community members to express their views within the law and without fear of intimidation or harassment or the promotion of violence.
  • We are all responsible: Every group and individual member of the York community must uphold these principles. There is a collective and individual responsibility to protect the rights of every member of the York community to a safe environment in which ideas can be freely exchanged.


York affirms its commitment to ongoing dialogue and engagement

Jun 6, 20242 min read

York recognizes that the encampments at universities across North America are intended to advocate for attention to the plight of Palestinians in Gaza, support for Palestinian students and scholars, and transparency regarding universities’ investments. The University administration acknowledges – with…