Students in the Residence - Community Safety: access to campus buildings

Students in the Residence - Community Safety: access to campus buildings

Under York University’s Required Services Model, only those people necessary to maintaining essential campus operations and a limited number of residents are permitted to remain on campus. Please see the Building Closure Memo for details. University buildings have been locked and secured and only those who receive authorization are permitted to access the buildings. This action was necessary to comply with government directives and to ensure the continued safety and security of the York community.

The Community Safety Department has been responding to a few reports of doors being propped open and damage to doors of buildings.

Our security staff have been working hard on our community crime prevention strategy, which includes:

  • active patrols of buildings;
  • identifying and investigating incidents;
  • monitoring CCTV footage;
  • working with social service agencies to address any homeless individuals on campuses; and
  • coordinating with Facilities Services to repair any doors or damage.

If you’re a student living in residence on campus, we need your assistance to maintain the safety of our community. If you observe any open or insecure doors to buildings, damage in buildings, or any other suspicious activity, please report it immediately to Security Services at 416-650-8000.

By working together, we can ensure the continued safety and security of our campuses, and our continued compliance with government directives.

For additional resources and information, please visit the University’s COVID-19 website.

Thank you for your support and assistance during these challenging times.

Samina Sami
Executive Director
Community Safety