Community Update #60 - Please Upload Your Proof of Vaccination to YU Screen

Community Update #60 - Please Upload Your Proof of Vaccination to YU Screen

Dear York Community, 

I am very pleased to report that since September 7, almost 20,000 university community members have now uploaded their proof of vaccination through YU Screen and that as of the start of this week, 96.3% of our students, staff, and faculty/instructors are fully vaccinated. This is welcomed news as vaccines function as a critical line of defense in combination with other important public health measures to keep communities safe. 

As a reminder, York’s Vaccination Mandate is now in effect and all staff, faculty and instructors are required to provide proof of vaccination using YU Screen. We are looking to have more members upload their proof in order to meet the key deadlines below. 

Key Dates 

  • You must upload proof of having received a full vaccination series by October 18 to meet the requirement to be fully vaccinated by October 19.  
  • To be considered fully vaccinated by October 19, you must have received a full vaccination series by October 5.   
  • If you are requesting an exemption, you will also need to upload your completed exemption form. 
  • Between September 7 and October 18, if you are unvaccinated, partially vaccinated or have an approved exemption, please read these FAQs for details on what is required to access York’s campuses. 
  • If you have not been fully vaccinated by October 19, you will not be permitted to access York’s campuses.  

Full details on the list of accepted vaccinestimelines for vaccinationtesting requirements and locations can be found on the Better Together website.  

Tips for Uploading Proof of Vaccination  

  • YU Screen can be accessed from the Better Together website via the web, smart phone, computer or a tablet.  
  • Have your Passport York login information handy to access the tool. 
  • As soon as you click on the YU screen link, you will see:  
    • A landing page where you can log in with your Passport York account. 
    • Once you have logged in, under “Start Screening,” select “Vaccination Record.” 
    • You will be asked a series of questions to identify your vaccination status and must upload proof to register your status. 

Everyone is still encouraged to come to campus only for scheduled activities, and must continue using YU Screen daily before coming to York’s campuses. Thank you for continuing to keep our campuses safe this year and for more updates on York’s safe return to campus, please continue to visit the Better Together website.  


Parissa Safai 
Special Advisor to the President for Academic Continuity Planning & COVID-19 Response