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Director's Message

Hallo everyone,

Welcome to the return back to campus! After the COVID-19 two year hiatus, the City Institute is pleased to offer a hybrid set of offerings for the forthcoming year.

Our seminars (in-person) include:

Linda Peake in front of bookshelf and posterposter

Also this semester we have our Meet and Greet on September 16 from 3:00pm to 4:00pm, at the 7th Floor of Kaneff Tower (lounge area). Do come along and join us.

We have two book launches:

We also go into the second year of our Graduate Student Professional Training Program.  The City Institute Fortnight Fridays (CIFF) are a major part of this program. (Approximately) once a fortnight CITY will hold writing sessions, monitored by a faculty member or a Post-Doctoral Fellow, who will provide writing tips and feedback. Every other fortnight a CITY faculty member will give a talk on an aspect of professional training.  CIFF events will run virtually, via Zoom and no registration is required for York University students.  Students can participate in as many sessions as they like but we encourage you to try to attend them all.

DateTimeCIFF sessions (virtual, via Zoom)
 Fall 2022
Sept. 94pm–5.30pmSit-down and write! (1) - Dr. Amanda de Lisio, Health
Sept. 234pm – 6pmProfessional Training Talks (1)
*The politics of daily life: work balance; EDI; and community – Prof. Linda Peake, EUC
*Writing your CV - Prof. Amanda de Lisio, Health
Sept. 2411amBrunch (Dim Sum) - Social event for students and faculty participating in the CIFF program
Oct. 74pm – 6pmProfessional Training Talks (2)
*Developing a course proposal - Prof. Syed Harris Ali, Sociology, LA&PS
*Writing research proposals - Prof. Stefan Kipfer, EUC
Oct. 214pm–5.30pmCIFF - Sit-down and write! (2) – Dr. Araby Smyth, EUC
Nov. 4 4pm – 6pmProfessional Training Talks (3)
*Writing grant applications - TBD
*Using urban data bases - TBD
Nov. 184pm–5.30pmCIFF - Sit-down and write! (3) – Dr. Araby Smyth, EUC
Dec. 24pm – 6pmProfessional Training Talks (4)
*Devising a research data management plan – Prof. Linda Peake, EUC
*Intellectual property and copyright - TBD
Dec. 164pm–5.30pmCIFF - Sit-down and write! (4) – Dr. Araby Smyth
 Winter 2023
Jan. 134pm–5.30pmCIFF - Sit-down and write! (5) – TBD
Jan. 274pm – 6pmProfessional Training Talks (5)
*Research ethics – Prof. Linda Peake, EUC
*Writing abstracts and papers for publication – Prof. Shubhra Gururani, LA&PS 
Feb. 104pm–5.30pmCIFF - Sit-down and write! (6) – Prof. Ann Marie Murnaghan
Mar. 34pm – 6pmProfessional Training Talks (6)
*Publishing in urban journals and open access - Prof. Roger Keil, EUC
*KMb and social media in research dissemination – Prof. Ann Marie Murnaghan, Humanities, LA&PS 
Mar. 104pm–5.30pmCIFF - Sit-down and write! (7) – TBD
Mar. 244pm – 6pmProfessional Training Talks (7)
*Job etiquette: cover letters and interview skills - Prof. Liette Gilbert, EUC
*Applying for academic jobs- Prof. Liette Gilbert, EUC
Apr. 144pm – 6pmProfessional Training Talks (8)
Work paths outside academia, speakers:
- Prof. Zachary Spicer, School of Public Policy and Administration LA&PS
Apr. 21 TBDAnnual General Meeting of the City Institute
TBD TBDStudent Conference (4000 level undergraduate and graduate students), includes awarding of Urban Essay Prizes.

We also welcome to the City Institute three new Visiting Scholars:

  • Martina Loi. PhD. student of Civil Engineering and Architecture at the University of Cagliari, Italy, working with Prof. Roger Keil.
  • Dr. Sonay Bayramoğlu Özuğurlu. Professor of the Faculty of Law, Vocational School of Justice at the University of Ankara, Turkey, is also working with Prof. Roger Keil.
  • Kamya Richard Lukenge. PhD. student at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, who will be working with Prof. Jeffrey Squire.
  • We also welcome back our CITY based Postdoctoral Fellows:
  • Dr. Araby Smyth, working with Prof. Linda Peake on the GenUrb project.
  • Dr. Murat Ucoglu, working with Prof. Ute Lehrer, and awarded a Mitacs Accelerate grant to conduct research on "How to Create Affordable Housing Models in Toronto? The Discussion on Missing Middle and Financing Redevelopment".

Next semester is also a busy one as we continue with our seminars and CIFF. CIFF will culminate with a one-day student conference in April 2023 at which we will also present the City Institute Best Urban Essay Award for both upper-level undergraduate and graduate students.

In late May we also host the Summer Institute in Urban Studies (SIUS) alongside the University of Toronto and Manchester University. The SIUS brings 25 of the most promising Ph.D. and early career scholars in Urban Studies together for a week of activities with globally recognised urban scholars, including those urban scholars based in Toronto. 

So, we have a busy year ahead of us and we look forward to your engagement in it.

With all best wishes,

Linda Peake




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