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Toronto Urban Journal (TUJ)

The Toronto Urban Journal, a new publication that facilitates the extended engagement of outstanding work in the field of urban studies, is a reviewed publication that affords undergraduate students with a scholarly, anonymous review of their work which is conducted by student editors and established scholars. Partially funded by York University’s Office of the Vice-President Research & Innovation, the Department of Geography and the Urban Studies Program, The Toronto Urban Journal is based at The City Institute at York University. It is is run by an editorial team of undergraduate students and is presided over by an advisory board composed of faculty.

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The Journal endeavours to be inclusive and support meaningful intellectual excursions into the realm of urban studies, regardless of particular epistemological groundings. The Journal draws upon the academic research expertise of The City Institute at York University and endeavours to partner where appropriate with the Institute. In addition, the Journal cultivates a strong working relationship with York University student federations and caucuses (i.e., Federation of Urban Studies Students, Bachelor of Environmental Studies Student Association, etc.), however is independent of these.

The Journal’s Editorial Board is staffed from the undergraduate student body in Urban Studies, Environmental Studies and Geography (although students of cognate units may also apply to be members of the Editorial Board). The Advisory Board is likewise composed of Urban Studies, Environmental Studies and Geography program faculty.

The Journal is an online publication, with all volumes released at .

Managing Committee (2021-2022)

  • Cheryl Forest (Urban Studies)
  • Christian Andrabado (Urban Studies)
  • Elijah Leoutaud (Urban Studies)

Student Advisors

  • Brandon Hillier – MA, Geography, University of British Columbia
  • Anthony Riley - BA Geography and Urban Studies, York University

Founding Masthead

The founding Editorial Board is as follows:

  • Brandon Hillier, Managing Editor (Urban Studies)
  • Rabia Munir, Deputy Editor (Geography and Urban Studies)
  • Amber Ghosh, Production Editor (Urban Studies and Business)
  • David Barankin, Associate Editor (Urban Studies)
  • Jc Elijah Madayag Bawuah, Associate Editor (Urban Studies)
  • Sara Ajori, Associate Editor (Geography and Urban Studies)
  • Stewart Van Der Made, Associate Editor (Urban Studies)
  • Dr. Teresa Abbruzzese, Faculty Advisor (Urban Studies)

The founding Advisory Board is as follows:

  • Dr. Alison Bain (Geography)
  • Dr. Douglas Young (Urban Studies)
  • Dr. Linda Peake (The City Institute at York University, Urban Studies)
  • Dr. Roger Keil (Environmental Studies)
  • Dr. Teresa Abbruzzese (Urban Studies)