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Environmental Justice

Melissa Ollevier and Erica Tsang

Supervisors and Partners:
Roger Keil, Peter Victor, Katrina Miller (Toronto Environmental Alliance), and John Cartwright (Toronto and York Region Labour Council)

This is a joint initiative of York University and the City of Toronto to create two benchmark documents for the discussion on this subject and perhaps to prepare some future cooperation on the matter. There are at present two co-sponsored graduate research assistantships for the academic year 2006/7 to explore diversity and equity issues as they relate to urban environments.

FES, the City Institute at York University (CITY) and the Institute for Research and Innovation in Sustainability (IRIS) are the York partners. Roger Keil supervises both students. Community partners are The positions were filled with two first year Master in Environmental Studies students: Melissa Ollevier and Erica Tsang. Both GAs will also work with a community partner each. These community partners are members of the Mayor’s Environmental Roundtable. One partnership (for environmental equity) will be between CITY/FES (Supervisor: Roger Keil) and the Toronto Environmental Alliance (Katrina Miller); the other partnership (for diversity) will be between IRIS/FES (Supervisors: Peter Victor and Roger Keil) and the President of the Toronto and York Region Labour Council (John Cartwright).

This joint effort offers a great opportunity to create concrete working relationships between the City of Toronto and two emerging York research institutes, IRIS and CITY, on an important subject matter of urban environmental interest. FES, in its capacity of being involved both in IRIS and CITY is the logical bridge between the two.

A final report was produced in April 2007 and delivered to the City of Toronto. Report.