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Welcome to York's Colleges

York is a big university. This means that you have lots of choices for disciplines and programs. Unfortunately, it can also be a little intimidating at first. Colleges exist to help make a big university feel small. They are a place to study, hang out, and participate in a smaller, more intimate setting. They are a place where you can feel at home.

Every undergraduate student is assigned to a college when they enter York based on either their Faculty and program of study (major) or the residence that they live in.

Your college is your home base while at York, a place where you can participate in student government, attend social activities, get academic help, work, and volunteer. Also, the colleges on campus all have areas designated as student space. Some of these places are equipped with comfortable seating, computers, tables, and WiFi access. You can meet with friends or classmates, conduct study groups, finish-up homework, surf the web, or catch some shut-eye before your next lecture starts.