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The Centre for Vision Research

The Centre for Vision Research (CVR) at York University pursues world-class, interdisciplinary research and training in visual science and its applications. The CVR brings together researchers from psychology, electrical engineering & computer science, biology, physics, digital media, philosophy, kinesiology & health science, and other disciplines in a highly interdisciplinary and collaborative centre. Fundamental research that merges techniques in human psychophysics, visual neuroscience, computer vision and computational theory is supported by leading-edge facilities including a 3T fMRI scanner, neurophysiological and neural stimulation suites, immersive projection virtual reality displays, and a wide array of visuo-robotic platforms. 

The Centre for Vision Research is the foundation for York’s Vision Science to Applications (VISTA) program funded by the Canada First Research Excellence Fund (CFREF, 2016-2023). VISTA is an ambitious collaborative program that builds on and extends York’s world-leading interdisciplinary expertise in biological and computer vision. Most CVR members are associated with VISTA and the project provides significant resources and opportunities for CVR faculty, researchers, students, and partners.

CVR Events

Dr. Patrick Cavanagh featured in Psychology Today: The Pursuit of Illusory Motion

New study by Dr. Jennifer Steeves examines how COVID language relates to feelings of risk in young adults

Research collaboration with Justus Liebig University Giessen shows that the brains of hockey spectators follow the advice of the Great Wayne Gretzky

From the article: "Participant in the study that captured their brain activity and realized a network of connectivity"

Novel research by CVR members Doug Crawford and Bianca Baltaretu connects how different parts of the brain work together in eye-hand coordination

Face of a person wearing a blue face mask, jacket, and hat looking straight at the camera. A recognition lens is placed on their eye.

Professor and CVR Member, Dr. Erez Freud, explains his team's recent research on the effect of masks on face perception

John Tsotsos.

Dr. John Tsotsos, VISTA and CVR member was named as a 2020 winner of CS-Can/Info-Can Lifetime Achievement Award! It recognizes faculty members who have made outstanding contributions to computing throughout their careers

Creative Minds Will Take VR to the ‘Next Level: Virtual reality is a new way to watch, but technology isn't enough, says one expert.

Dr. Shayna Rosenbaum

Hear CVR member, Dr. Shayna Rosenbaum, discuss cognitive psychology as it relates to COVID-19 on Dec. 9

Illustration of the coronavirus, shown as a grey ball with many red spikes

CVR member, Dr. James Elder, investigates the use of AI in surface disinfection at hospitals and care facilities

Illustration demonstrating simulated motion affecting a person's perception

Future of virtual reality technology may lie in understanding how older people perceive motion

Faces are shown which were similar to ones used in experiment. The three faces at top have different facial expressions. The three faces at bottom are same faces, but with masks on.

Feel like you’re suffering from face blindness? Research shows masks change the way we process faces

Subject conducts visual experiment with PESAO, wearing the eye-tracker, which has motion tracking installed

PESAO: An experimental setup to evaluate the perceptions of freely moving humans

Dr. Erez Freud

Psychology Professor Erez Freud is quoted in the New York Times article "In an Era of Face Masks, We’re All a Little More Face Blind"

Binary numbers appear on a person's eye

Research investigates brain stimulation treatment for visual disorders

Noisy image on left in dim environment. Clean image to the right shows same image on left, but without noise.

VISTA-Lassonde team first to tackle grainy image issue with machine learning

Person points to a poster in front of spectators

Training Opportunities
Explore how you can join the CVR as a postdoc, graduate student or undergraduate student

Person shows another person their phone at a conference

CVR Members
Get familiar with the CVR researchers, their research areas, laboratories and interests

Person standing and wearing VR headset. Two people stand beside with their arms crossed.

Learn about the unique set of research resources that we use to study vision