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Ian P. Howard Memorial Lecture Series

Alan Yuille (Johns Hopkins University)
Deep Networks and Beyond
October 12, 2018
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Mary Peterson (University of Arizona)
Object Perception: Beyond a Feedforward View
April 27, 2018
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Anthony Movshon (New York University)
Brain Mechanisms of visual form perception
March 10, 2017
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David Burr (University of Florence)
Cross-sensory integration and calibration during development
September 15, 2015
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Glyn Humphreys (Oxford University)
The Salient self: How self-related biases permeate perception
October 3, 2014
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Shimon Ullman (Weizmann Institute of Science)
From simple innate biases to complex visual concepts
October 30, 2013

Terry Sejnowski (Salk Institute for Biological Studies)
Suspicious Coincidences in the Brain
November 9, 2012

Oliver Braddick (Oxford) & Janette Atkinson (UCL)
What can vision tell us about brain development?
May 4, 2012

Giacomo Rizzolatti (University of Parma)
The Mirror Mechanism: New Findings
March 18, 2011

Ralph Freeman (Berkeley)
The Neural Organization of Binocular Vision
November 5, 2010

Steven Zucker (Yale)
Color, Curvature, and Cortical Connections
April 9, 2010

Nancy Kanwisher (MIT)
Functionally Specific Regions in the Human Brain: Evidence from fMRI
February 12, 2010

Olivier Faugeras (Inria)
Connecting scales: mathematics and neuroscience
March 27, 2009

Geoffrey Hinton (University of Toronto)
Learning multiple layers of visual features
January 16, 2009

Keiji Tanaka (RIKEN Center for Brain Science)
Visual Object Recognition and Inferotemporal Cortex
April 4, 2008

Suzanne McKee (Smith Kettlewell Eye Research Institute)
Stereopsis, a User's Manual
November 16, 2007

Takeo Kanade (Carnegie Mellon University)
Robot Vision
May 25, 2007

Robert Desimone (MIT)
Neural Synchrony and Attention
April 13, 2007

Marty Banks (Berkeley)
Why pictures look right when viewed from the wrong place (and sometimes look wrong when viewed from the right place)
March 9, 2007

Richard Andersen (Caltech)
Sensorimotor Transformations
December 6, 2006