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Website Updates – Dec. 2020

Website Updates – Dec. 2020

Welcome to the first monthly website module update. These ongoing communications will provide the community news on the new module designs, templates, functionality, and opportunities available to enhance your websites and pages. These updates will continue as we consistently enhance and evolve our digital properties.

Dec. 2020 Updates:

1. Secondary Alert Block (Module 35)
This module will serve as a temporary notice that can be locally added to websites. It will have a yellow background and customizable text/link. This will be used for unexpected closures, community alerts, etc.

2. Headshot Feature Block (Module 36)
To align our headshots, this module was created to showcase teams, faculty, staff, etc. Currently we are noticing that there is a bit of inconsistency across the institution with how headshots and teams are displayed.

3. Window Background Block (Module 37)
This module will serve like module 34 Grey Column. It will provide the community the opportunity to add a red frame around content to give it extra design accents, make a section stand out, and align with the larger brand design.

4. Instagram LinkTree
This template is available for all units that have Instagram channels. The main function will be to provide a link to our website where you can direct the audience to different pages. See example here: If you are interested in setting one up for your area, please reach out to Jason at

For updates 1-3 these modules are now available in Guttenburg Editor. You can add these to your website the same way you do the others. You can find the full description of these, specifications, and how to use them in the module library.   

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