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Website Updates - Jan. 2021

Website Updates - Jan. 2021

Welcome to the monthly website module update. These ongoing communications will provide the community news on the new module designs, templates, functionality, and opportunities available to enhance your websites and pages. These updates will continue as we consistently enhance and evolve our digital properties.

Jan. 2021 Updates:

  1. Info Cards with Photo Background (Module 23)

This is an update to the existing info card module. Now we have the option to add a photo background behind the content, giving extra design elements to it. Photos that are behind the cards should be generic and the cards be the only source of information. You can use this for 2 columns, 3 columns or 4 columns. See updated block here:

  • Dark Red Button (Module 36)

To help train the audience on navigation across the website we have created a stand along dark red button. This is the same colour as the secondary menu and serves as or visual CTA. Please use this sparingly and only for high-level navigation. See full details on module here:

  • Generic Featured Content Area (Module 7)

This is an update to the existing module. Now what you can do it add a module that only has one piece of content in the entire row. The reason for this is if you have stacked the same module on top with three columns of content, you can add an additional module below with 1 piece in a three column format. This will align the lower piece with the spacing of that above it. See examples here:

For full information on these and other modules available to design your website, please visit the modules library page for more information, design details and strategy.

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