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New site-wide alerts available for York 2020 Theme

New site-wide alerts available for York 2020 Theme

C&PA and UIT are happy to share a new site-wide alert system. This system is part of the continued evolution of the Web Optimization Project, creating resources to better serve our audiences, internal community and website owners. The site-wide alerts compliment the existing alert structure/hierarchy within York University's website architecture. Previously there were only two types of alerts that could exist on your website including security alerts (exclusive from security) and local alerts (module 35 - available within existing patterns) however after community feedback, needed a solution for critical alerts that could appear on all pages within a website environment. Thus the site-wide alerts were created to address this gap.

You can learn more about the new site-wide alert system here including the process to get them on your website, clarity around all types of alerts, where they should be categorized and the hierarchy/governance for each.

As always if you have any additional questions or want to provide any feedback, email us at

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