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Website Updates - August 2022

Website Updates - August 2022

These ongoing communications will provide the digital community news on the new module designs, templates, functionality, and opportunities available to enhance your websites and pages. These updates will continue on an ad-hoc basis as we consistently enhance and evolve our digital properties. The below updates are now available for you to use, plan your websites and update designs.

Recent Updates:

  1. New Module: 41 - Hover Cards
    • You can display your text in a more interactive way with hover cards! There are four variants that you can choose from depending on your content and background preferences. You also have the ability to add a button or just showcase headings/emblems.
    • Learn more about the module:
  2. Module Update: 2 – Events - Shift in display
    • This module now give you the option to use as a slider to display multiple events. As part of the older events plugin, this module become obsolete and was retired. Instead we have created a full-width option that has three cards that can be displayed. This is to be used instead of the right side option. We recommend selecting this or 6 - Events Right Side.
    • Learn more about this module:
  3. New Share Icons for posts:
    • You can display add share icons to the bottom of your posts to encourage more social media engagement. This features has an on/off functionality meaning it can either be added or not to your website environment. If you would like to include social sharing icons to your website, email to assist. We will update these for you on a weekly basis, on request from the website owner.
    • See example of social share icons below:
Example of social share icons

As always if you have any questions please reach out to Jason and Tayo at or join us for our weekly drop-in sessions for more hands-on support, taking place every Wed. at 1:30pm. Invite link can be found here: LINK

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