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Google Analytics Transition

Google Analytics Transition

The time is coming close to transition from Google Universal Analytics (UA) to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) at York. As shared in the October 2022 update, and at the GA4 training sessions in the same month, York is moving to this new analytics platform. This is due to the old UA being shut down on July 1, 2023. To learn more about why that it taking place, read more here. The full York transition is to start on May 1, 2023, with two months of buffer period (May/July) before UA is officially shut down.

So, what does this mean to you?

York has reimagined the access to GA4 to ensure data privacy, ease of governance, simplified support, and quicker discovery of main website metrics. The new system will provide website owners and staff the ability to request a explore dashboard with all the main analytics from your website present on the interactive application, instead of trying to navigate all over the analytics platform for your data and gaining blanket access. This system will be available now and you can begin to request dashboards for your website(s) here:

For additional assistance navigating the dashboard, please watch this instructional video:

If you need access to GA4 because you use advanced features in the software (beyond just seeing general website metrics), please connect with and outline what you need so we can ensure proper access. Access from UA to GA4 will not be automatic as we will be conducting a Google Audit and removing all legacy access to our Google Account. This is to ensure those that have access to GA4 are experienced in the platform and require it for their roles; and so UIT can conduct annual reviews and be able to validate your gmail with your York email.

As always if you have any questions please reach out to the web team at or join us for our weekly drop-in sessions, taking place every Wed. at 1:30pm. Invite link can be found here: LINK

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