Student Update #4: Completion of Courses and Finalization of Grades

Student Update #4: Completion of Courses and Finalization of Grades

We’re providing you with an update on several items, and want to encourage you to access resources and supports if you need to, as we know this may continue to be a difficult time. As well, a reminder to check the Labour Disruptions website often for the latest updates, and consult the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), which are updated frequently.

Recent updates that are important for you to know include:

  • This morning (March 8, 2024), the University published a community update on CUPE 3903 labour negotiations. In an effort to end the labour disruption, York has proposed mediation, and if that is not successful, to agree to enter into binding interest arbitration. 
  • Yesterday (March 7, 2024), the Senate Executive Committee confirmed additional accommodations, modifications and adjustments available to students for completing courses and finalizing grades. This is in addition to the email update sent to you on March 5, 2024 about the preliminary options

A summary of the updated options and modifications from the Senate Executive Committee is provided below. You are also encouraged to read the full details directly from the Senate Executive communications on Course Completion Options (March 7, 2024)

If you need clarification or assistance understanding the options provided, you can speak to your course instructors, program administrators and directors, or your associate dean.

 Courses that have continuedCourses that have been suspended
Winter Term ScheduleNo change in length of termPossible reduction in length of term
Class SchedulesNormal schedule applies*Revised schedule to be announced
Exam ScheduleFinal day of Exams no later than April 26, 2024**Revised exam schedule to be announced; exams may be held during the last class of revised schedules.
Academic SupportsAs per Senate Policy, students who are unable or have chosen not to participate during the labour disruption are entitled to complete the course once the disruption is over; individual reasonable extension of deadlines shall be provided.
There will be a cushion period before assignments are due and tests are held.
Deadline date to drop a course without receiving a grade extended to the last day of classes.
NEW - Effective March 10 - Temporary broadening of the Pass/Fail grading option
NEW - Effective March 17 - Changes to the Number, Kind and Weight of Assignments

* In cases where classes / lectures have proceeded but class components (labs, tutorials) had been suspended, suspended components will be rescheduled at the end of the labour disruption.

** Accounts for an exam reserve day. Students needing accommodation for extenuating circumstances related to the labour disruption can seek deferred standing through their course instructor or petition process. For courses that are suspended AND for students who were unable or chose not to participate in courses that have continued, a compressed examination can be expected to be announced at the end of the labour disruption.

Take Note: The Pass/Fail grading option is only available for eligible courses and is not applicable to B.Ed, JD, BBA, or iBBA degree programs. Please also note that a pass/fail notation on your transcript may negatively impact current or future applications to graduate and professional programs. For more details and considerations, visit the Pass/Fail Option webpage.

The Senate Executive Committee continues to consider additional forms of accommodations, modifications and options necessary to support students in completing their courses. You will receive ongoing updates, so please check your emails regularly to stay up to date. 

As you are navigating these options, seeking out mutual support and connections can help. You can access support resources if you need them, and you may also consider attending online or virtual events to engage with fellow students across campus. 

As always, if you have any questions that are not answered by the FAQs, please reach out to This will help keep FAQs relevant and updated. 

Students who wish to access information regarding the labour disruption in French should contact the Office of Student Affairs at, (416) 487-6716, or visit YH B108.