Student Update #5: Completion of Courses and Finalization of Grades

Student Update #5: Completion of Courses and Finalization of Grades

We know that you may continue to feel stressed as you’re considering options and seeking information about course completion. As soon as decisions are made, we strive to share updates as soon as possible and provide additional resources as they become available. Our supports and staff across the University are committed to finding options to you for course completion.

In addition to the previously provided options and accommodations, below are updates that were approved by the Senate Executive Committee during their recent meeting on March 19, 2024.

Another option for course completion: What are assessed grades?

If you have already completed and received grades for 70% of your course work, according to your course syllabus or in eClass, you may choose an assessed grade, where your current grade becomes your final grade. This option may not be available in certain programs.

If you’re interested in an assessed grade, you must:

  1. Contact the course director to indicate your desire for an assessed grade, AND
  2. Indicate your choice via the online tool available through the Office of the University Registrar’s website, which will be available starting the week of March 25. You will receive additional details once this option is live.

If your courses have continued: Students have until April 9, 2024 to choose this option.
If your courses have been suspended: Once courses resume, students will have until the first day of the Remediation Final Examination Period (which will be announced once the labour disruption ends) to choose this option.

What changes have been decided for the winter term?

For courses where lectures have continued, but labs were suspended, instructors may determine if it is appropriate for students to write the final exam in the existing examination schedule with the requirement that students complete the labs when they are held in the remediation period.

For courses that have been suspended:

  • The revised class schedule (remediation period) will be up to 4 weeks.
  • There will also be a shortened examination period after the remediation period ends.
  • Exact dates of the revised class schedule and exam period will be announced following the end of the strike.

What changes are being made for the summer term?

The first summer term (S1), which runs from May to June, will proceed on the original schedule and will start on May 6, 2024. The list of summer course offerings will be available to students by the end of March. Delays are expected for the second summer term (S2) and the full summer term (SU) and details will be shared once the labour disruption ends.

As the labour disruption progresses, you will continue to receive email updates on remediation options and other accommodations to help you complete courses and finalize grades. Please make sure you check your emails regularly for the latest information, and use the helpful links below.

More information and resources will be shared with you next week, which will provide more clarity to help you make informed decisions. With the variety of options available to students, we strongly encourage you to stay on top of course materials. If you need additional assistance or support, connect with your course directors, program administrators/directors, or your associate dean. Any unanswered questions can be sent to my office at