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February 24, 2021 - Webinar 4

The Education of Black Youth: A National Conversation with Educators

Wednesday, February 24, 2021
7:00 – 9:00 p.m. via Online Webinar

Join us to discuss the similarities, relatedness, and commonalities in the educational experiences, attainments, opportunities and possibilities of Black student in various regions in Canada. Our panel of educators who currently work as teachers and administrators in School Boards in six Canadian cities, will enlighten us about issues and concerns of educators, students, parents and community members pertaining to what schooling and education has been like -- and continues to be – for them. We will learn about what has been happening across the country because of the social structures and systemic oppressions they face. This discussion is taking place at a time when the world, and Canada in particular, is concerned with (and must address) the impact of the inequities in the economic, social, health, and educational situation of Black and other racialized students. While all educators (whether working directly in education, or parallel to education) have a responsibility to equitably serve the needs, interests and ambitions of Black students, in reality, much of the work falls on the shoulders of Black educators. All educators must address the realities of anti-Black racism that operates in school boards as barriers to the success of Black students.

We will be engaging in community-referenced discussions with practitioners who are at the forefront of addressing and dismantling barriers to Black students’ schooling engagement and educational achievement. Some of the questions we will be raising include:

  1. What are the social and educational experiences of Black students, families, and communities in their respective local and /regional contexts that are of concerns to educators? How are educators responding? What are the results of their efforts?
  2. How are educators and administrators disrupting or enabling anti-Black racism?
  3. How are members of Black communities resisting white supremacy and anti-Black racism in schooling?
  4. Are there school-community partnerships that are helping to enhance school- parents community relationship and therefore helping to enrich classroom engagement and learning?
  5. What practical steps must be employed by all involved in education to address barriers to Black student success?

This webinar is a joint offering in conjunction with FESI (Faculty of Education Summer Institute), The Jean Augustine Chair and ABC (The Administrators' Black Caucus of Ontario).