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FESI 2023: Educating in Changing Times

Date: August 24, 2023
Format: In-person at York University

The push to maintain the status quo has seen a revival that seeks to undo the work of educators and educational leaders who are working towards justice for equity deserving groups.

“We hold space for each other to change at the individual and collective level” (brown, 2021).

Educators and educational leaders are asking how they can hold on to change. Holding change requires that we hold space with each other where we learn and re-affirm. Our unity and solidarity create a vision that supports a response to the moment we are in.

We will build our collective understanding by considering the following questions:

  • What does it mean to hold a stance of change in relation to the moment we find ourselves in?
  • How do we follow through on our commitment to liberatory work in these changing times?
  • What might intersectional solidarity look like, and what challenges might this present for those who are committed to this work?

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