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Restructuring and Reimagining Access to the Math Pipeline

Presenter: Paul Aniceto & Octavia Beckles

Workshop Description

The recent call for the destreaming of grade 9 mathematics courses in Ontario has left educators and other stakeholders wondering what processes need to be put into place for its successful implementation.  At first glance an obvious question to explore is, “what structural changes are required in secondary schools to make destreaming work?”  It will be advanced in this session that while structural (physical) adjustments to secondary schooling will be a necessary step at implementing a destreaming approach, another important process needed are critical system reflections that ask:  “what Institutional, Instructional, and Individual changes are required in secondary schools to help make destreaming provide access and opportunity for marginalized communities?”.

This session intends to draw upon existing research on math as a human rights issue, culturally responsive and relevant pedagogy, and anti-oppressive frameworks.  The session will incorporate breakout room discussions to support participants in exploring the above topics. 


Paul Aniceto
Course Director, York University Faculty of Education (Seconded from York Region District School Board)

Paul Aniceto is a YRDSB educator currently on secondment to York University’s Faculty of Education; serving as a Course Director for Mathematics.  Prior to joining York University, Paul worked as a Student Work Study Teacher with the Ministry of Education and contributed as a member of the YRDSB Math Consultant Team.  One of the portfolios Paul engaged with, as a member of the YRDSB Math Team, involved learning alongside educators and administrators to develop ways to support Intermediate math learners moving from grade 8 (elementary) into grade 9 (secondary).  

Octavia Beckles
York Region District School Board, Math Consultant

Octavia is a YRDSB educator currently serving as a YRDSB Math Consultant. Octavia has recently been featured in key ETFO learning on Culturally Responsive Math Practices. Octavia is also an Equity Reviewer for the new math curriculums with the Ministry of Education. She believes that teaching and learning is best achieved when children see themselves reflected in the learning and that nurturing positive identity affirming spaces for children to thrive empowers them to reach their full potential.