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EE Symposium Gallery

EE Symposium 2023 Photo Gallery

Event Photographers: Siddh Jain & Stacey Kuznetsova

Created by: Robert Winkler, Instructional Designer, Teaching Commons

EE Symposium 2022 Recording

To watch the EE Symposium held virtually on Wednesday, February 2nd, 2022, please click the video!

To view the creative student presentations, click here!

EE Symposium 2021 Recording

To watch previous EE Symposium recordings, please click here.

Photography by: York University Communications & York University Learning Technology Services

EE Symposium 2020 Gallery

To view a list of 2020 poster titles and faculties, please click here.

Photography by: Monica Thi

EE Symposium 2019 Gallery

To view a list of 2019 poster titles and faculties, please click here. 


I hope that this symposium continues to be offered by York….The event really opens your mind to all the possibilities/opportunities and ways you can get involved on campus.

— Current Student

The event was wonderful!

— Current Student

I enjoyed presenting at the EE Symposium so much. I always wanted to share my experience with our faculty members and students.

— Poster Presenter

The student poster sessions were excellent. It was equally exciting to hear how EE brings together the concept of theory and practice and to learn how the students are able to use this experience positively as they move forward in their studies and careers.

— Faculty