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Student Presentations

Classroom-Focused EE Presentations

Presentation: Exploring Religion, Culture and Identity of the Balkans in the Classroom (Poster PDF)

Presenter: Hortense Anglin, LA&PS

Presentation: Educating Yourself into Becoming an Educational Developer (Poster PDF)

Presenter: Kalaivani Rajalingam, Faculty of Education

Presentation: Our Best Memories of EUC (Podcast)

Presenter: Savandhi Silva & Rajbalinder Ghatoura, Faculty of Environmental & Urban Change

Presentation: The Field Work of the Crane Tract in Wiarton, Ontario (Poster PDF)

Presenter: Aswan Sivathevan, Faculty of Environmental & Urban Change

Presentation: Interaction of Authoritative Parenting and Environment in Successful Child-Rearing (Poster PDF)

Presenter: Jenna Zorik, Faculty of Health

Community-Focused EE Presentations

Presentation: Widening Perspectives: Learning to do Community Engagement (Poster PDF)

Presenter: Mark Castillo, Lassonde School of Engineering

Presentation: Once Upon a Time Warp (Podcast)

Presenter: Alaha (Aly) Husseinzadah, LA&PS

Presentation: Taking a systems approach to addressing health concerns (Poster PDF)

Presenter: Jayashri Maraj, Faculty of Environmental & Urban Change

Work-Focused EE Presentations

Presentation: Equity in the Toronto District School Board (Poster PDF)

Presenter: Favour Aina, LA&PS

Presentation: Cardiac Rehabs Save Lives (Poster PDF)

Presenter: Zahra Davoodi, Faculty of Health

Presentation: The Many Stories of Toronto (Poster PDF)

Presenter: Sundus Saba, LA&PS

Presentation: Experiential Learning at the City of Toronto Community Planning Department (Podcast)

Presenter: Elika Zamani, Faculty of Environmental & Urban Change