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Did You Know?

Facts you might find helpful about Custodial Services:

Custodial Services Keele Campus consists of:

  • 36 Day Shift Custodians provide reactive service
  • 118 Custodians maintain the Service Offering
  • Hours of Operation: Day Shift 7:30am-7:30pm Mon-Fri; Evening Shift 2:30pm – 11pm Mon-Friday; Night Shift Sunday 10:30pm to Friday 7am
  • 25 part time Custodians service the campus on weekends: 7am-3:30pm
  • Non Productive time (hours associated with paid time off i.e.  Vacation/Sick/Personal Days/Jury etc. approx. 25%

Servicing approx. 6.5mil sqft.


  • Over 1.6 mil sqft. 

Washrooms / Showers:

  • 800+

Classrooms / Teaching / Study Spaces

  • 1050 spaces

Stairwells per Levels

  • 1100 stairwell levels / landings

Within Scope:

  • Classroom door openings Monday-Friday at 7am (RAC Rooms only without electronic door access systems)
  • Configure/reconfigure classroom/seminar room furniture
  • Perform interior waste and recycling management + organics collection in kitchenettes
  • Poster removal as per the University Postering guideline
  • Respond to any after hour emergencies (i.e. floods)

Out of Scope:

  • Opening and securing:  building exterior doors; faculty offices; conference rooms; labs;  faculty storage rooms; No room door opening/securing  on demand
  • The supply of furniture  (i.e. classroom /seminar room tables, chairs, lecturns, etc.) 
  • The supply of white board markers •Sanitizing/dusting computer equipment (i.e. keyboard, monitor etc.)
  • High Dusting and Lamp changing tasks above 3m
  • Supply of sanitizing products for teaching spaces and offices

Please reach out to our Team for further information/clarification.

  • Service Requests to be submitted within 10 business days ahead of the event
  • It is the responsibility of the customer to confirm the availability and suitability of the rooms booked.
  • Should the event be postponed and/or cancelled, Custodial Services requires 48 hours notice otherwise charges may apply.

For more information, please see Custodial Services Fact Sheet for Service Requests (SR) Submissions & Cost Listing

Contact Custodial Services to assist with questions.