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Resources for clubs

The goal of any student organization, and especially of Glendon clubs, is to foster belonging and understanding. The first step is to register your club and then keep in mind throughout the year the important procedures listed below.

1. Register on YU Connect (Mandatory): 

  • Club details: description, signing officers, constitution, and members list (10) 
  • Additional requirements for renewal: Election minutes, bank statements, direct deposit 

2. Clubs 101 (Mandatory):   

  • eClass course: go through the required modules (Expectations, Registration process, YU Connect vs GL Connect, Banking and Finance, Space requests for meetings and events, IT, Facilities, Catering, Accessibility, Bake sales, Tabling, Promotion, Consultations….) . Enrolment key: GlendonC101
  • Complete quiz and reflection on eClass 

There’s no one specific way to promote but here’s a few to help get your club started: make a newsletter entry, put up posters around campus, make posts on social media, tell your friends, ask your professors to make in-class announcements, etc.WHAT IS THE PROCEDURE FOR KEELE CLUBS TO HOST EVENTS AT GLENDON?

Organizations registered at Keele must email the Office of Student Affairs at  studentaffairs@glendon.yorku.ca for approval and fill out necessary forms.WHO I REGISTER MY CLUB/ORGANIZATION WITH?

There are different bodies to register clubs at York University with. Glendon clubs must be registered with Office of Student Affairs (OSA) while Keele clubs can register with York Federation of Students (YFS) and/or Student Community and Leadership Development (SCLD).I AM NOT A PART OF A STUDENT CLUB, BUT CAN I STILL COME TO GLENDON FOR A CLASS PROJECT (EX: TO FILM)?

Students must email the Office of Student Affairs at studentaffairs@glendon.yorku.ca for approval and fill out necessary forms.WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF CLUBS THAT I CAN REGISTER AS?

  • Academic
  • Political Organization
  • Radio/Media
  • Hobby/Interests
  • Spiritual/Religious
  • Environmental
  • Advocacy/Charitable


A list serv is a list of all students in the program and may be useful to academic clubs who want to make announcements for the students within their program.HOW CAN I OBTAIN A LIST SERV FOR CLUB USE?

To obtain a list serv for your club to use, please contact the specific department and request them for the list serv on behalf of your club.HOW DO I LOG IN TO YU CONNECT TO ACCESS RESOURCES ON BEHALF OF MY CLUB?

You can log into YU Connect with your Passport York account to access resources for your club.Add Accordion Item

YU Connect is York University’s central club database that connects them to one another, serves as a platform for event promotion, and allows access to all forms. The latter are especially important during the registration/renewal process as well as event planning. Visit the “Forms” and “Event Planning” pages for more details.

Click here to get connected!

Before you begin planning out logistics, think about the event as a whole – what is the goal of the event related to your club’s mandate? Moreover, does this goal align with the values of your organization? Once you’ve got that down pat, you can start to think about how to plan your event so that everyone can participate. 

Inclusion is achieved when everyone within a community feels like they belong, fit in, and can see themselves reflected in all aspects of life. The Inclusion Lens is a York University module developed to help encourage all members of the York Community to get involved and is divided into four sections. They are Planning, Advertising, Implementing, and Evaluating. The Inclusion Lens is especially important to Glendon as a means of promoting campus culture. To accurately represent and encourage the entirety of the York/Glendon community to participate in these events, it is important to cover a wide range of needs, interests, and values, even if the focus of the event is something specific. Click here to take a closer look!

GL Connect is a new platform that will connect the Glendon community (students and Alumni) and be an opportunity for you to feature your club.  You will be able to recruit new members, share your events easily and invite members, as well as promote your club.

We have also added a group for clubs where you can get updates, tips and communicate with other club execs! Make sure to create your student profile, then look for group Club Execs and join it. To add events, simply go to the events tab and post an event. https://glendonconnect.ca/