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Student Engagement Awards


Every year, the Glendon community is proud to recognize the outstanding students on our campus and all their incredible accomplishments. Our student leaders are critical thinkers, innovators, caring and compassionate individuals. We recognize many of them for their academic merit, contributions in their community and the legacy they have built at Glendon. Thank you for all that you do to make the Glendon community what it is and for espousing the values of care, inclusivity, and support.

Nominations for this year are now closed.

Awarded to a Glendon student who has been actively involved in college life. Recipients must demonstrate financial need. Academic merit is also considered.

Award amount: 500$

Awarded in recognition of the contributions made by a Glendon student who has recently become involved in student activities and demonstrates commitment and leadership potential.

Award amount: 250$

Awarded to a Glendon student who promoted Glendon sports activities at the local and/or inter-college level. The candidates must have a minimum 5.50 grade point average and be nominated by members of the Glendon sports community.

Award amount: 500$

Awarded to a returning Glendon student for outstanding contributions to the Glendon Athletic and Recreation program in terms of organization, leadership and program promotion.

Award amount: 400$

The Margaret Wallace Leadership Award has been created to benefit an outstanding student leader, with preference given to a student active in the Glendon sport community. This award was created in memory of Margaret Wallace, Director of the Glendon Athletic Club, who passed away in 2012.

Award amount: 1200$

The Neal Stephenson Glendon Involvement Award is awarded annually to a full time continuing undergraduate Glendon student who is in good academic standing. To be eligible students must be serving in a volunteer capacity for one of the following groups: Pro Tem, Radio Glendon, GCSU/AECG or the Faculty Council.

Award amount: 1000$

Awarded in recognition of the achievements of committed students who have had a positive impact at Glendon by generously dedicating their time and talents in at least one of the following areas: residence life, community building, peer mentorship, athletics, creative arts, or university governance.

Award amount: 250$

OSA Awards:

Positivity: Awarded to a student who has demonstrated her commitment by being an encouraging and optimistic force. While remaining pleasant and accessible, she has established a climate of trust and respect with her peers. Its main objective is to ensure that there is a strong connection between students in order to improve communication and mutual understanding.

Support: Awarded to a student who has demonstrated a high level of caring and actively supports the success of a team and each individual in the team by recognizing and considering the views of his or her peers. A student who shares information, ideas or suggestions to support and help a person make an informed decision or determine the best course of action.

Resilience/ Endeavour:  Awarded to a student demonstrating determination, a firm commitment and an ability to bounce back from challenges, adversity and set-backs to achieve set goals or objectives. 

The Prix Molière is awarded annually to a student whose outstanding achievements in theatre at Glendon significantly contribute to the cultural vitality of the College community.

Award amount: 500$

The Robert Wallace Prize is given annually to an undergraduate Glendon student demonstrating a strong record of involvement in, and positive contribution to theatre, performance or visual art, while maintaining satisfactory progress in their studies. Preference will be given to students majoring or minoring in Drama & Creative Arts at Glendon.

Award amount: 500$

Congratulations to our 2023-2024 winners!

Congratulations to our 2022-2023 winners!