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Set yourself apart after graduation by earning your Spanish degree in our uniquely multilingual, multicultural environment. Led by dynamic, supportive professors, you’ll explore Hispanic linguistic landscapes, literature, cinema, theatre and communities while also developing your language proficiency. You’ll enjoy the exceptional one-on-one learning and peer support made possible by our small class sizes. And you can tailor the program to suit your individual needs and interests — choose to study abroad in Costa Rica or Mexico and get real hands-on experience.

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Skills You'll Learn

  • Use written and spoken Spanish, and learn about its history and evolution
  • Analyze contemporary global issues by applying insights and methods from literary and cultural studies
  • Understand the current context of issues facing Spanish-speaking societies
  • Gain the ability to immerse yourself in Spanish culture and language across many countries


As a Hispanic Studies graduate, you are well-equipped to become a leader and changemaker. You can choose to pursue grad studies or obtain additional qualifications. Here are a few examples of possible career paths:

  • Archivist
  • International health policy advisor
  • Social worker
  • Community developer
  • Lawyer
  • Speech writer
  • Foreign service worker
  • Marketing specialist
  • Translator
  • Immigration officer
  • Politician

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Hands-On Experiences

Apply the concepts and theories you’re studying to real world challenges. Engage in guided practical experiences in the classroom, workplace, community and abroad. These are some opportunities for Hispanic Studies students.

Admission Requirements

  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent, with average* of mid-to-high 70s
  • ENG4U or FRA4U
  • Five additional 4U or M courses; 4U French recommended
  • Proficiency in English OR French

*Average is calculated based on the top six 4U; 4M or DU courses

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Student Supports & Programs

Glendon Campus prides itself on being a supportive community that goes the extra mile to ensure you get the help you need. See some of the resources Hispanic Studies students use the most.

Meet Your Professors

You’ll learn from and get to know friendly, high-profile professors, who are award-winning experts actively working in the field.

María Constanza Guzmán

María Constanza Guzmán

York Hall 209
416-736-2100 x 88325

Jerzy Kowal

Jerzy Kowal (on sabbatical)

York Hall 124
416-736-2100 x 88333

Shanna Lino

York Hall 217
416-736-2100 x 88219

Alejandro Zamora

Alejandro Zamora

York Hall 340
416-736-2100 x 88467

Martha Batiz

York Hall 233
416-736-2100 x 88216

Ximena Berecochea

York Hall 233
416-736-2100 x 88216

Belén Huarte Gallego

York Hall 233
416-736-2100 x 88216

Shaudin Melgar

York Hall 233
416-736-2100 x 88216

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