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Our Alumni

Learn about what others have chosen to study and do through this innovative program.

Nicole S. Cohen

Nicole S. Cohen is an associate professor at the University of Toronto. She is the author of Writers’ Rights: Freelance Journalism in a Digital Age, which received the 2017 Gertrude J. Robinson Book Prize from the Canadian Communication Association.

Murat Akser

Murat Akser worked as programmer at Toronto International Film Festival and as coordinator at Canadian Film Centre. As a cameraman he worked in major Hollywood productions and he is a member of IATSE International Cinematographers Guild and Canadian Academy of Film and Television.

Constance Crompton

Constance Crompton is an assistant professor and Canada Research Chair in Digital Humanities in the Department of Communication at the University of Ottawa.

Alumni List

Samantha AbelLet's talk about your weight": How fatphobia manifests in therapyMacLennan, AnneMacLennan, Anne; Gingras, Jacqui; Friedman, May
Ahmed AbulPress Freedom and Democracy in Bangladesh: A Study of Press RegulationsFletcher, FredCukier, Wendy; Drache, Daniel
Samuel McCreadyPlaying and Making History: How Game Design And Gameplay Afford Opportunities For A Critical Engagement With The PastJenson, JenniferBoyd, Jason; Smith, Bryan
Murat AkserN/AFeldman, SethDrache, Daniel; Fletcher, Fred
Christopher AltonZombies, Phallic Monsters, and Rocket Launchers:An Examination of Gender Representations and Simulations in the Resident EvilSeriesN/ALanglois, Ganaele; McCullough, John
Pamela AndrewsSomatic Anacrusis: An Experiential Poetics of Deborah Hay's Choreography and Practice in the Solo At OnceBailey, StevenRobinson, Danielle; Levin, Laura
Susan AshleyMuseum Renaissance? Revisioning 'publicness' at the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto.Cohnstaedt, JoyMooers, Colin; Prokopow, Michael
Nicholas BalaisisSeeing for the First Time: Cinema Spectatorship, the Public Sphere, and the Making of Cuban Revolutionary SubjectsZryd, MichaelDowler, Kevin; Marchessault, Janine
Ann BarrowHomeless on the Range: Masculinity and The Orphan Myth in the American Western, 1950-1990Feldman, SethCameron, Evan; Leonard, Gary (UT)
Andrew BielerExhibiting Climate Change: An Examination of Thresholds of Arts-Sciences Collaborations in the Context of Learning for a Sustainable FutureMarchessault, JanineBarndt, Deborah; Crichlow, Warren
Kelly BronsonFraming the Debate: How Scientism in the language of the law binds public-biotechnology engagementBerland, JodyRuggles, Myles; Imhotep, Edward
Roberta BuianiViral Culture(s): An Investigation into the cultural lives of Computer VirusesMarchessault, JanineTenhaaf, Nell; Elmer, Greg
Darcey CallisonDancing Masculinity for Hollywood: The American Dream, Whiteness and the Movement Vocabulary within Hollywood's Choreography for MenCrow, BarbaraForsyth, Scott; Elder, Bruce
David CliftonA Lexicon of Force: Framing Language and Television News Coverage of the 2003 War in IraqDrache, DanielFletcher, Fred; Allen, Gene
Nicole CohenN/AMazepa, PatriciaVosko, Leah; Ross, Stephanie.
Michelle CoyneThis Project Can Be Upcycled Where Facilities Are Available: An Adventure Through Toronto's Food/Waste ScapeMoore, PaulSkinner, David; Bailey, Steven
Constance CromptonMaking the Modern Man: Eugen Sandow and Muscled MasculinityJanzen, LorraineLightman, Bernie; Braun, Martac
Trevor CunningtonSchadenfreude, Villainy, and Empathy: the Ideological Life of Media Representations of "White Trash"McCullough, JohnForsyth, Scott; Prokopow, Michael
Michael CurranOne Nation Under the Market: Mediated Narratives of the 2008 Crisis in AmericaBailey, StevenMoore, Paul; Dowler, Kevin
Brady CurlewPlay/Counterplay: The Cultural Politics of Digital Game ModificationMarchessault, JanineCrow, Barbara; Elmer, Greg
Patricio DavilaVisualization as Assemblage: How Modesty, Ethics, and Attachment Inform a Critical Design PracticeMarchessault, JanineFisher, Caitlin & Hadlaw, Jan
Joshua DittrichGeosonics: Bodies, Instruments, InterfacesCecchetto, DavidMarchessault, Janine
Lai-Tze FanPre | Digital Liminalities: A Hermeneutics of the Intermedial and Materiality in the Print Intermedial NovelTschofen, MoniqueReisenleitner, Markus; Fisher, Caitli
Naomi FraserWe Are All Connected': Internationalism, Communication and Canadian IdentityBerland, JodyShields, John; Isin, Ergin
Anna FrizThe Radio of the Future Redux: Rethinking Transmission through Experiments in Radio ArtBailey, StevenFisher, Jennifer; Marchessault, Janine
Amir GanjavieContemporary Hollywood and the Spirit of Hope: America, Celluloid, and the Desire (mis)called (dis)UtopiaBell, ShannonMarchessault, Janine; McCullough, John
Tyrone HallGlobal Narratives & the Vulnerable Frontiers: A Critical Assessment of Global Climate Change Communication Processes & Traditional RetentionsMacLennan, AnneBailey, Steven; Ojo, Tokunbo; MacLennan, Anne; Tegelberg, Matthew; Skinner, David
Milan HananThe Media-Foreign Policy Relationship: Pakistan's Media Image and U.S. Foreign PolicyFletcher, FredCukier, Wendy; Drache, Daniel
Daniel HarleyThe Politics of Consumer VR: Framing Contemporary Virtual RealityJensen, JenniferNolan, Jason; Mazalek, Ali
Alison HarveyN/ACrow, BarbaraCoombe, Rosemary; Jenson, Jennifer
Jaigris HodsonFollowers, Users and Friends: Technology, Participation and Organizational Stories on the Google, Facebook, and Twitter Blogs 2006-2011Drache, DanielCukier, Wendy; Fletcher, Fred
Steve JankowskiThe Trouble with Knowing: Wikipedian consensus and the political design of encyclopedic mediaMacLennan, AnneObar, Jonathan; Hadlaw, Jan
Lianrui JiaCooptation, Collusion Contestations; Development, Regulation and Globalization of Internet in ChinaMiddleton, CatherineElmer, Greg; Ojo, Tokunbo
Constance JohnThe evolution of the Canadian Film industry in Quebec (1968-1983)Cohnstaedt, JoyShields, John; Sauvageau, Florian
Jon JohnsonPathways to the Eighth Fire: Mapping Indigenous Knowledge in TorontoMcNab, DavidFletcher, Fred; Angus, Lynne; Newhouse, David
Naveen JoshiArranged Identities: Second Generation South Asian Canadians in Shaadi.comCrow, BarbaraDua, Enakshi; Coombe, Rosemary
Aleksandra KaminskaMediating Poles: Media Art and Critical Experiments of the Polish Site, 2004-2009Marchessault, JanineTrifonova, Temenuga; Eichhorn, Kate
Lewis KayeHearing Space: The Social Architecture of Aural ExperienceMyles RugglesHerman, Andrew; Marchessault, Janine
Mirah Jennifer KirshnerAmerican Girl: A Critical Inquiry Into Dolls, Childhood, and Consumer CulturePodnieks, LizBailey, Steven; Cowdy, Cheryl
Gregory KlagesRepresentative (of) Democracy: The Rise and Decline of the Keynesian Era in Canadian Visual Arts Policy (1941-1984)Salter, LioraMooers, Colin; Nelles, Viv
Helmut Klassen"Life As It Is" A Renovation of the Project and the CityElder, BruceMarchessault, Janine; Tschofen, Monique
Christine KorteRefusing the End of History: The Politics and Aesthetics of FrankCastorf’s VolksbühneBailey, StevenBailey, Steven; Dowler, Leslie; Slopek, E; Hadlaw, Jan; Mueller, G; Siegal, M
Irena KnezevicDiscourses of Privatization and Industrialization: Agricultural Changes in the Former YugoslaviaFletcher, FredCoombe, Rosemary; Shields, John; Koç, Mustafa
Duncan KoerberCommunication as Mobilization: The Development of Newspaper-based Political Parties in Upper Canada, 1820-1841Allen, GeneFletcher, Fred; Skinner, David; Allen, Gene
Kaitlyn KribsFrom Piracy Panic to Platform Praise (and Back Again): Digitization’s Impact on Making, Moving, and Monetizing Music in CanadaCampbell; MirandaBailey, Steven; Skinner, David
Alysse KushinskiThe Potential of Leaks: Mediation, Materiality, & Incontinent DomainsN/AHadaw, Jan; Marchessault, Janine; Straw, Will; Bell, Shannon; Bailey, Steven; Bunch, Mary
Martha LadlyEros, Women, and TechnologyElder, BruceFisher, Jennifer; Jenson, Jennifer
Andrew LaingA Critical Evaluation of the Methodological Underpinnings of Agenda - Setting Research, and a New Media ApproachFletcher, FredDavis, Charles; MacDermid, Robert
Ganaele LangloisN/ACrow, BarbaraBailey, Steve; Elmer, Greg
Sabine LebelMateriality Form and Container Technologies: Personal Computers and the EnvironmentBerland, JodyFitzpatrick, Blake; Prokopow, Michael
Steven LoganModernist Urbanism in the Age of Automobility: Producing Space in the Suburbs of Toronto and PragueBerland, JodyMarchessault, Janine; Keil, Roger
Monica MacdonaldProducing the Public Past: Canadian History on CBC Television, 1952-2002Fletcher, FredCohnstaedt, Joy;  Heron, Craig
Shana MacDonaldBetween Frames: Feminist Experimental Media 1960 - 2010Marchessault, JanineLongfellow, Brenda; Levin, Laura; Zryd, Michael
Timothy MacNeillCulturally Sustainable Development: Maya Cosmovision, El Centro Pluricultural Para la Democracia, and The Idea of DevelopmentRuggles, MylesAlhassan, Amin; Spotton-Visano, Brenda
Heather Maguire Airwaves & Waterways: Mobile Networks, Information & Communication Technologies Crow, Barbara Middleton, Catherine; Adelson, Naomi
Sara MartelSeeing Invisible Subjects: The Biopolitics of Perinatal Loss PhotographMurray, StuartBailey, Steven; Davidson, Deborah
Victoria McArthurMe, Myself, and I(nterface): An Analysis of Character Creation Interfaces and Affordances in Massively Multiplayer Online GamesJenson, JenniferBailey, Steven; Nolan, Jason
David McIntoshGlobalization, Networks and Audiovisual Spaces: Shifting Representational Relations in Canada, Mexico and ArgentinaLongfellow, BrendaShields, John; Drache, Daniel
Brianna WiensMoving with Stories of "Me too.": Towards a Theory and Praxis of Intersectional EntanglementsMacLennan, AnneDanisch, Robert; Marchessault, Janine
Caitlin McKinneyThe Cultural Politics of Digital Media in Queer Archival ContextsDriver, SusanNoble, Bobby; Eichhorn, Kate
David MeurerNetwork Narrative: Prose Narrative Fiction and Participatory Cultural Production in Digital Information and Communication NetworksFisher, CaitlinTschofen, Monique; Coombe, Rosemary
Aidan MoirPunk, Obamacare, and a Jesuit: Branding the Iconic Ideals of Vivienne Westwood, Barack Obama, and Pope FrancisMacLennan, AnneHadlaw, Jan; Bailey, Steve
Alla MiroshnichenkoMulti-Modal Game Design as a Medium of Digital CommunicationJenson, JenGelb, David; Wakefield, Graham
Tanner MirrleesCultural Mediations of American EmpireMooers, ColinForsyth, Scott; McNally, Dave
Aimee MitchellAmateur Itinerant Filmmaking in 1940s Ontario: A Case Study in the Role of Activists in Preserving Marginal Cinema in Canadians Local ArchivesZryd, MichaelMarchessault, Janine; Moore, Paul
Ravindra MohabeerLooking at "made up" girls: Linking girls, life skills and media education A., Goodrum,Crow, Barbara; Jensen, Jennifer
Janice NathansonFrom Praxis to Theory: Expanding and Enriching Social MarketingSeaton, BethRuggles, Myles; Tschofen, Monique; Fletcher, Fred
Bahar NasirzadehA Genealogy of Consumer Surveillance: From the First Public Market to Eaton’s Department Store to AmazonElmer, GregLanglois, Ganaele; Latham, Robert
Evren OzselcukTurkey's Internal Other: Embodiments of Taşra in the Works of Orhan Pamuk, Nuri Bilge Ceylan, and Fatih AkinTschofen, MoniqueAntze, Paul; Arat-Koç, Sedef
Amanda Oye“Reimagining Public Service Broadcasting News for the Digital Age.”Skinner, DavidOjo, Tokunbo; MacLennan, Anne
Helen PapagiannisAugmented Reality as a New Medium: Remediation and Novel FormFisher, CaitlinMurphy, Michael; Marchessault, Janine
Felan ParkerPlaying Games With Art: The Cultural and Aesthetic Legitimation of Digital GamesJenson, JenniferDowler, Kevin; Zryd, Michael
Nancy PatersonBandwidth is Political: Reachability in the Public InternetMurphy, MichaelDurlak, Jerry; Fletcher, Fred
Jonathan PetrychynNetworks of FeelingN/AStraw, Will; Bociurkiw, Marusya; MacLennan, Anne; Bailey, Steven
Richard PopeStupid is: Traversing the Sinthome as the Goal of Cultural PsychoanalysisMarchessault, JanineHyashi, Sharon; O'Neill, John
Scott PrestonHorror and Reenchantment: A Supernatural Genre in a Secular AgeMarchessault, JanineBailey, Steven; Tschofen, Monique
Izabella Pruska-OldenhofWhy Film, Why Freud, Why Now: The Revolt and Politics of Cinema in Digital AgeElder, BruceO'Neill, John; Picchione, John
Ian RobinsonCartographic Projections of the City: Avantgarde Cinema and the Production of LocalityMarchessault, JanineBailey, Steve; Hayashi, Sharon
Laurence RobitailleCapoeira as a resource: Multiple uses of culture under conditions of transnational neoliberalismCoombe, RosemaryRobinson, Danielle; Little, Kenneth
Philip RosePragmatism not Idealism: Radiohead, Technology, and the Global Movement for Change.Bowman, RobMarchessault, Janine; MacLennan, Anne
Richard RosenbaumConsciousnesses is Story-Shaped: Mapping Isomorphic Structures of Narrative and Human CognitionPekler, JaminWalsh Matthews, Stephanie; Ciabatta, David
Wade RowlandEthics and Artificial Persons: Structural Impediments to Ethical Behaviour in Modern Information MediaSeaton, BethNoble, David; Mooers, Colin
Jennifer Louise MenessMessage in the Smoke: Spirit Acts of Transfer, Liminality, and Embodied Relationships in Contemporary Powwow.Koleszar-Green, RuthCrow, Barbara; Haig-Brown, Celia
Jennifer RyanRoyal Beatings? An Exploration into the Shift from Development 'Gifts' to Development 'Goods'Alhassan, AminDrache, Daniel; MacLennan, Anne
Giovanni SalasReclaiming CraftsmanshipN/ASlopek, E.; Murphy, M.; Bailey, Steven; MacLennan, Anne; Thompson, K.; &  Logan, B.
Philip SavageArts Intervention: Activating Cultural Memory for Social ChangeFletcher, FredShields, John; Raboy, Marc
Lisa SchincairolLelawala at the Brink: Visual Culture and Colonial History in Niagara Falls, OntarioDowler, KevinBarndt, Deborah; Tschofen, Monique
Giovanni SalasReclaiming CraftsmanshipN/ASlopek, E.; Murphy, M.; Bailey, Steven; MacLennan, Anne; Thompson, K.; &  Logan, B.
Philip SavageArts Intervention: Activating Cultural Memory for Social ChangeFletcher, FredShields, John; Raboy, Marc
Lisa SchincairolLelawala at the Brink: Visual Culture and Colonial History in Niagara Falls, OntarioDowler, KevinBarndt, Deborah; Tschofen, Monique
Robinder SehdevWound Uploaders: Self-Injurers' Visual Narrative on Social MediaBerland, JodyO'Neill, John; Sekyi-Otu, Ato
Yukari SekoInterrogating a Politics of Time: Temporality & Difference from the Agora to the AirportElmer, GregBailey, Steve; Nolan, Jason
Sarah SharmaN/ABerland, JodySlopek, Ed; Dowler, Kevin
Tina SikkaRecuperating Politics from Deconstruction: A Pragmatist CritiqueRuggles, MylesCoombe, Rosemary; Alhassan, Amin
Karen SkardziusI Stream, You Stream, We all Stream: Gender, Labour, and the Politics of Online StreamingJensen, JenBoyd, Jason; Jensen, Jen
Christopher SmithRemapping Urban Addiction: A user's guide to the city.Marchessault, JanineLittle, Kenneth; Gaetz, Stephen
David SmithTheorizing Avatar Sexualities: A Grounded Theory Study on the Erotics of Second LifeMarchessault, JanineFels, Deborah; Goodrum, Abby
Sarah StangMaiden, Mother, and Crone: Abject Female Monstrosity in Roleplaying GamesJenson, JenniferBoyd, Jason; Fridman, May
Carolyn SteeleNFB/Interactive: Understand the Role of the Interface in the Production of Meaning in Interactive Online DocumentariesFisher, CaitlinBailey, Steven
Chad StoryObscuring Austerity: The Politics and Practices of ‘Citizen-Centred’ DesignHadlaw, JanObar, Jonathan; Coulter, Natalie
Sara SwainFeral Ecologies: A Foray Into the Worlds of Animals and MediaZryd, MichaelMarchessault, Janine; Moore, Paul
Joseph TurcotteCreative Transformation and the Knowledge-Based Economy: Intellectual Property and Access to Knowledge Under Informational CapitalismCoombe, RosemaryBaskoy, Tuna; Ojo, Tokunbo
Michael ThornKnow Thyself: Truth and Confession Mediating Religion and Psychology in the Christian Ex-Gay MovementMoore, PaulLessard, Bruno; Skinner, David
Scott UzelmanDirect Action Against Enclosure: "Anti-Proletarian" struggles for the "New Commons"Moores, ColinSkinner, David; McNally, David
Jennifer VanderBurghCity Nation and Television: The Signification of Toronto Television Drama and the Consolidation of Centre-Margin RelationsMarchessault, JanineFeldman, Seth; Morris, Peter
Carmen VictorArctic Contours: Northern Media, Canada and the Anthropocene.Marchessault, JanineHayward, Mark; Bailey, Steven
Laura VisanDivided We Remain' Civic Participation practices and Network Development Strategies in the Case of Romanian Immigrants from TorontoShields, JohnCohen, Rina; Alhassan, Amin
Tianchi (Jason) Wang"Urban Walking: Configuring the Modern City as Cultural and Spatial Practice"Gammel, IreneMarchessault, Janine; Reisenleitner, Markus
Martin WatsonThe Sublime as Model: Formal Complexity in Joyce, Eisenstein and StockhausenElder, BruceCody, Susan; Balfour, Ian
Nataniel WeinerThe Not-So-Secret Vice: Menswear, Masculinity & Consumption in Six Online CommunitiesN/ABailey, Steven; Cole, Shaun;  Vanstone, G.; Reisenleitner, Markus; MacLennan, Anne; Muzzatti, Stephen
Melissa WestThe Cultural Production of Madonna: Commodity and CorporationBerland, JodyMoores, Colin; Skinner, David
Jessica WhiteheadMovie-Going On the Margins: The Mascioli Film Circuit of Northeastern OntarioMoore, PaulMacLennan, Anne; Machessault, Janine
Kyler ZelenyVisualizing the Canadian Prairies: Photographic Representations of RuralityMoore, PaulPruska-Oldenhof, Izabella; Hadlaw, Jan; Fitzpatrick, Blake; van Herk, Aritha; Moore, Paul; Brushwood Rose, Chloë
Han ZhangThe Root of Excellence: An Interpretive Approach to Understanding Elder Care within Transnational Chinese Families in CanadaBailey, StevenBlum, Alan; Ingram, Susan
NameThesis/MRPSupervisorCommittee Member / Second Reader
Claudia AbatePop Music as a Counter Culture? Hybrid Identities and the new Global YouthBailey, StevenMurphy, Michael
Annamaria AcetoMazepa, PatriciaMazepa, PatriciaMazepa, Patricia
Renee AlleynCosmopolitan Nationalism and its Theoretical Application in Studies of the Canadian National ProjectReisenleitner, MarkusBailey, Steven
Amina AllyJustin Bieber is Freaking Sexy!”:  An Exploration of Fangirl Desire and (Dis)Identification Using SchizoanalysisCampbell, MirandaDriver, Susan
Rawan Al-WakealStrengthening Canadian Identity Via New Design Interface:  MyTIFF-Festivals and MyTIFF-Learning for the Toronto International Film FestivalBailey, StevenHayward, Mark; Pruska-Oldenhof, Isabella
Melissa AndersonUrban Sanctuary Assemblages:  A Case Study on Canada's Sanctuary City MovementCoombe, RosemaryShields, John
Michele AndersonSense of Place:  Finding a Place for Toronto Chinese-Canadian Diaspora in the Creative City DiscourseDrache, DanielFrolic, Bernard
Antonia Antonopoulos"Participatory Video" By and For BRAC Peer EducatorsFletcher, FredEvans, Barbara
Julia AokiRevitalizing the Park:  Digging up Historical Narratives in OppenheimerEichhorn, KateMarchessault, Janin
Catherine ArgiropoulosThe value of culture:  Culture and Municipal Policy in the city of TorontoDowler, KevinZemans, Joyce
Aurore Coco AvolontoThe Choice of Acculturation Strategies:  Intercultural Adaptation of International Students from Sub-Saharan African Francophone Countries in OntarioWalsh-Matthews, StephanieHayward, Mark; Garon, Francis
Olukayode AyankojoDiasporic Community Cultural Identity and the InternetBlum, AlanBailey, Steven; Prokopow, Michael
Loren AytonaThe Kids Are (Not) Alright: Framing Canadian Young Worker Subjectivities Through Policy & Media DiscourseVosko, LeahThomas, Mark
Daria BaganHaving the Best of Both and None of Any: Television, Popular Media and Social Representations of  The Working WomanBurwell, JenniferMacLennan, Anne
Joseph BahnLiving With Culture: The "Creative City" and Toronto's Nuit BlancheDrache, DanielCrichlow, Warren
Nicholas BalaisisEthical Interventions: Italian Neorealism and Everyday LifeMarchessault, JanineMooers, Colin
Jennifer BallConstructing & Representing Identities of Criminalized PopularitiesCukier, WendyFeldman, Seth; Skinner, David
Brenda BannisCan Koudnet Help Reclaim CommunityFisher, CaitlinHyman, Belerie; Fletcher, Fred
Natalia BarykinaComplicating Post-Soviet Urban Space: Theoretical Inquiry into Power, Architecture, Media and Social Space in contemporary MinskIngram, SusanReisenleitner, Markus
Arianne BeauchampSeducing Quebec Audiences: Looking into Quebec Film's Box-Office Boom at the Turn of this CenturyElmer, GregMarchessault, Janine
Katherine BellNews Coverage of the Pope's deathCrow, BarbaraFletcher, Fred; Allen, Gene
Sabrina BellissimoMarketing and Adversiting to Teenage Girls in the Social Media AgeGammel, IreneCampbell, Miranda
Andrea BenoitCleaning Up: Reality, Responsibility and Relativity in The Dove Campaign for Real BeautyBruce, JeanCrow, Barbara
Megan BerryN/AN/AN/A
Kris BertramDecolonizing the Digital: Radio Spectrum in an Age of NeocolonialismMiddleton, CatherineSlowey, Gabrielle
Michael BickertonStrategic Storytelling: Challenging Dominant Metaphors of HIV and AIDS through Serial Television DramaDenisoff, DennisDowler, Kevin
Andrew BielerRhythmanalysis of Critical Mass: A Meeting PlaceMarchessault, JanineDowler, Kevin; Kipfer, Stefan
Susan BigelowTechnologies of Perception: Miyazaki in Theory and PracticeMarchessault, JanineGoulding, Jay; Bailey, Steven
Nis BojinWhat Do We Learn When We Change the Way We Play? Augmenting the Computer Gameplay ExperienceDurlak, JerryHerman, Andrew
Maya BoritzThe Strategic Use of the Internet within Civil Society Organizations towards an Expanded FrameworkCrow, BarbaraAlhassan, Amin
Allison BottomleyArt in the Neighbourhood - Public Culture and the Urban EnvironmentCohnstaedt, JoyMooers, Colin
Allison BowsherThey're Gonna Put Me In The Movies: The Pop Music Soundtracks of the Conventional, the Unconventional and the VampiresBailey, StevenMacLennan, Anne; Mooers, Colin
Frederique BournotWhite Noise: Essay on Multiculturalism in the Canadian Racial and Cultural ImaginaryMacLennan, AnneFletcher, Fred; Pruska-Oldenhof, Izabella
Sheilagh BrassetBaudrillard's Last Man: The Necessity of Self-Satire for a Critical SpiritBailey, StevenRowland, Wade
Jennifer BreckenridgeEvolution of Commodified Identity and its Resistance & RenegotiationRowland, WadeMooers, Colin
Natalie BrownRemote Witness: Google Earth and the Visualization of Conflict in Crisis in DarfurViseu, AnaElmer, Greg; Rowland, Wade
Roberta BrownRepresentations of the Female Serial Killer in FilmYoung, SuzieFisher, Caitlin; Cukier, Wendy
Christene BrowneThe Cinematic Dreams of Black Female ProtagonistsSanders, LeslieBociurkiw, Marusya; Kazimi, Ali
Ren BucholzLaws of Air and Ether: Copyright, Technology Standards, and CompetitionCoombe, RosemarySkinner, David; Elmer, Greg
Tara Burke"Steal Away": The Commodification of the Black Gospel ChoirBowman, RobSalter, Loira
Zoe BurkeThe meaning of murals: The role of public art in Canadian communitiesCampbell, Miranda/A
Jacquelyn CainRepresentations of Memory in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless MindMarchessault, JanineTrifonova, Temenuga
Iain CameronAmbiguous City SpaceMarchessault, JanineSnyder, Don
Christopher CarusoValue-for-Signal: The Future of Television Broadcast Regulation in CanadaMacLennan, AnneBailey, Steven
Maria CasasfrancoFamily Engagement in the Development of Tablet Applications for Facial Expression and Emotion Recognition for Individuals with Autism Spectrum DisorderPruska-Oldenhof, IzabellaWalsh-Matthews, Stephanie; Wong, Wendy
Hilary ChanReady-Made Experience: Consumer CultureCoombe, RosemaryHadlaw, Jan
Mahssa ChavoshiRYUReady: Building Online CommunitiesBailey, Steven; Pruska-Oldenhof, Izabella; MacLennan, AnneN/A
Michael CheatleyWhen Old Space Was News: Transformations in American Urban Form and Commercial Newspapers, 1890-1920Moore, PaulAllen, Gene
May ChewProximal Bodies: A Museological Journey from Distantiation to CollectionViseu, AnaBailey, Steven
Kiera ChionSuper Girls in China: The Performance of NeoLiberal Values, Desire and Alternative TemporalitiesLittle, KenLee-Loy, Anne Marie; Crow, Barbara
Hanna ChoUntethering Social Capital: A case study in Wireless Community NetworkingMiddleton, CatherineCrow, Barbara
Alan ChumleyMilestones & Metrics: Toward The Economic Value of Public RelationsGillies, DonaldCrow, Barbara
Ryan ClementComic Worlds: American Comics, Japanese Manga and the Question of GlobalizationFisher, CaitlinWong, Wendy
Kristine CollinsLocating the "Critical" in Media Education in OntarioMazepa, PatriciaGillies, James
Rachel CroweIntercultural Communication and the Internet: Exploring the Dissonance Between Canadian Online Communications Strategies and the Use Practices of Chinese International Students in CanadaMiddleton, CatherineMacLennan, Anne
Julia CucciReinventing Music: The Evolution of the Independent Artist in the Digital EraGauntlett, DavidRobinson, Danielle
Emma CulpeperHow to Succeed in Acting (After Much Trying…): Flexibility, Vulnerability and Social Capital for the Actor in a Liquid Modern AgeMoore, PaulSlopek, Ed
Jesse CummingBuffered: Livestreaming and the Social Implications of New TechnologyMarchessault, JanineReisenleitner, Markus
Jessica Cwynar-HortaDocumenting Femininity: Body-Positivity and Female Empowerment on InstagramMacLennan, AnneCoulter, Natalie; Langlois, Ganaele
Stephanie D'LimaSharing Food With Strangers: The Potential Role Of Peer To Peer Food-Sharing Platforms In The Promotion Of Toronto's Alternative Food SystemKoç, MustafaFletcher, Fred
Candice D'SouzaPopularizing Pedagogy: The Potential Role Of Peer To Peer Food-Sharing Platforms In The Promotion Of Toronto's Alternative Food SystemCrow, BarbaraKhayatt, Didi; Mooers, Colin
Yolande DaleyVisual Persuasion: Paparazzi and the Power of Photographic ReflectionsLittle, KenGillies, Donald
Lauren DanielCanada's Dark Secret: The Re-Emergence of Blackface Within Canada's Multicultural NirvanaMacLennan, AnneDua, Ena
Heather DavisImag(in)ing Colonial Landscapes: Nationalism and Amnesia Early Canadian PhotographyTschofen, MoniqueSeaton, Beth
Eleni DeaconEvolving Mythologies of the Media: Digital Journalism in Contemporary FilmForsyth, ScottAllen, Gene
Scott DeemingAbandonware, Commercial Expatriation and Post-Commodity Fan Practice: A Study of the Sega DreamcastLessard, BrunoBrayton, Jennifer; Bailey, Steve
Michael DeJongObjectivity and the Kyoto Protocol: A Case Study of Newspaper FramingFletcher, FredAllen, Gene
Vanessa Del CarpioLayers of In-Between: On Women and FashionPruska-Oldenhof, IzabellaMatthews, David; MacLennan, Anne
Monika DelmosMuseums of Cultural Waste: The Garage Sale as a Locus of the circulation of Cultural artifactsFeldman, SethInnes, Christopher
Lisa DobbinThe Pirate Party Movement: Charting a Course Toward Copyright Reform in the Digital EraCoombe, RosemaryPedersen, Isabelle
Anne DoelmanLooking Back to What Exactly? Understanding the Implications of Working with 15mm Home Movies in a Digital Non-Linear Editing EnvironmentElder, BruceWickens, Renate
Greg DubeThe Street is Disgusting and Beautiful: The Meanings, Materials and Politics of AutomobilitySlopek, EdMarchessault, Janine
Alexandra DuncanFrom the Street to the Gallery: A Critical Analysis of the Inseparable Nature of Graffiti and ContextHornstein, ShelleyEichhorn, Kate
Stephanie DunlopAfter Merger Mania: The Effects of Canadian Media ConcentrationSkinner, DavidCrow, Barbara
Holly DupejThe Lyric Online: Re-envisioning a Genre for Digital PoetryEichhorn, KateUppal, Priscila; Cain, Stephen
Susan DupejSelf-Representing Culture: Aboriginal Identities and Place Branding in a Canadian Tourism ContextCoombe, RosemarySlopek, Ed; Holmes, Teresa
Diana EdelhauserEscorts Online:Effects Of Policy On Sex Work Through Digital SpacesMacLennan, AnneBailey, Steven; Coulter, Natalie
Elizabeth EdwardsBrotherly Love: Remaking Homosexuality and Masculinity in Fan FictionMacLennan, AnneBailey, Steven; Rubenstein, Anne
Kelly EganThe Site of Sound: An Exploration of the E/Affects of Intermedia Texts Through Animated Sound FilmTschofen, Monique/Elder, BruceDowler, Kevin
Gary EllisToying with Us? Analysis of Gender and Race in Children's Television AdvertisementsFletcher, FredGillies, Donald
Tesni EllisMedia-Making at Youville Centre: Voicing Young Mother's Agency Through Digital Storytelling in the Alternative ClassroomLongfellow, BrendaPruska-Oldenhof, Isabella; Schifellite, Carmen
Kirsten EllisonThe Myth of Agelessness: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Agelessness in North American Anti-Aging Skin Care AdvertisementsPedersen, IsabelMacLennan, Anne; Cody, Susan
Erin ElofsonEvolving Media Richness Theory to Support the Communication Technologies of Today's TomorrowMiddleton, CatherineCrow, Barbara
Lucy EskedjianNaturalizing Nature: The Use of Idyllic Tropes of Nature as Response to Risk on Environmental AdvertisingBruce, JeanCukier, Wendy
Fernando Espinosa De Los ReyesCultural Corportism in Mexico: Approaching the Question of Intellectual IncorporationMooers, ColinSkinner, David
Gabrielle EtcheverryEdiciones Cordillera: A Study of Chilean Literary Production in CanadaPanofsky, RuthN/A
Jacqueline Ewald"Water Should be for Life, Not for Profit": National Mythologies and Environmental Policy in the Case of Nestle Water-Bottling in OntarioMooers, ColinSkinner, David
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Filip TismaThe Sick Environment: Cities, Mobility, and Mental HealthElder, BruceCallison, Darcey
Sonja TouesnardWorkplace 2.0: How Worker Productivity Is Shaped Through Office DesignMacLennan, AnneFletcher, Fred; Shtern, Jeremy
Monique TwiggThe Impact of TRIPS on UNDP Information Technology, Programmes and ICT Diffusion in Latin America: Policy AlternativeShields, JohnCoombe, Rosemary; Seaton, Elizabeth
Sara UdowThe Global Roots Oral History Project:  An Arts-based Storytelling Project Exploring Themes of Place, Food and Culture in Multiethnic Cities www.globalrootsstories.thestop.orgBarndt, DebMarchessault, Janine
Peter UnwinThe Black Art: Ink and the Biological Origins of CommunicationPruska-Oldenhof, IsabellaFletcher, Fredd
Deepa VenkatesaF se FeminismLongfellow, BrendaPruska-Oldenhof, Isabella
Robyn VerleyQueer Expression from the Anglophone Caribbean Diaspora: An Analysis of Queer Diasporic Artistic Expression by Staceyann Chin and Lawrence Graham-BrownHayward, MarkNeverson, Nicole
Caroline VernerLocating Cyberpunk within the Cinema of Resistance: Visions of the Popular and the PostmodernForsyth, ScottMcCullough, John; Bell, Shannon
Iris VerschurenThe depth of the urban palimpsest: exploring layers and processes of change in citiesReisenleitner, MarkusN/A
Sophia GoshulakFiguring Webcomics as Alternative Digital Archives: A Research Creation ProjectGammel, IreneFisher, Caitlin; Coulter, Natalie
Sophia VlahosMissing in Representation Aboriginal Recipes and Culinary Practices in Canadian CookbooksKoç, MustafaMcCullough, John
Annie VongHeidegger on the Phone:  An Ontological Inquiry of the History of Telephony between 1900-1990Bailey, StevePruska-Oldenhof, Isabella
Jordan WaldmanThe Digital Divide and Social Inclusion:  Media Literacy for Older AdultsMacLennan, AnneBailey, Steven
William WallaceBreaking the Cycle of Poverty:  A Kitchener-Waterloo Case StudyElmer, GregLatham, Robert; Hayward, Mark
Randall WalterRacial Profiling of Blacks Living in the Greater Toronto AreaFisher, CaitlinTator, Carol
Jing WangIndividual Exposures to History:  Examining Individual Existence in Postmodern History through Postmodern CinemaMarchessault, JanineForsyth, Scott
Robert WashburnThe Future of Journalism Online:  A Case for e-journalismFletcher, FredSkinner, David; Middleton, Catherine
Joshua WealeCanadian Style Healthcare:  The Media Portrayals of Canada's Healthcare System during the US Health Reform debate of 2009-10Cukier, WendyTheissen, James
Jessica Weisner (Moore)Representations of Motherhood:  A Critical Discourse Analysis of Vegan MommyblogsPodnieks, ElizabethO'Reilly, Andrea
Daniel WileyMedia Development, Information Operations, and the Liberal PeaceLatham, RobertMazepa, Patricia; Mooers, Colin
Arlene WilliamsThe Political Economy of Communication and the Policy Communities Approach:  Connecting Critical View of the Media to Post-Pluralist Analyses fo the Policy ProcessSalter, LioraDowler, Kevin; Johns, Carolyn
Cheryl WilliamsCourting the Child Consumer:  The Role of the Nineteenth Century Press in Children's Commercial Enculturation, 1835-1900Moore, PaulMacLennan, Anne
Lesley WilliamsManoeuvring the Peacemaking Myth:  Canadian New Media Reports in the Canadian Forces in AfghanistanMazepa, PatriciaWhitworth, Sandra
David WilliamsonThe Impact of the Freemium Economic Model on Virtual Play SpacesPelkey, JaminJenson, Jennifer
Catherine WilshireModes of Listening and their Implications to Audience Experience of Orchestral Concerts, with a Case Study of the Toronto Symphony OrchestraBailey, StevenMacLennan, Anne; Moore, Paul
Deborah WilsonConsumer Culture, Gender & The Construction of The Female ShopaholicBrayton, JenniferSiegel, Arthur
Alison WithersRecipes of a Nation:  Themes of Canadian National Identity in Anita Stewart's CanadaCoulter, NatalieKoç, Mustafa
Jess WoodsHuman Computer "intra-action" in New Media LiteracyViseu, AnaRowland, Wade
Mark WoodsOutrageously Political:  "The Use of Queer Theory and Camp in the Subversion of Heterosexist Action Adventure Film"Denisoff, DennisLongfellow, Brenda
Kristin WozniakPerceiving Democracy:  Exploring the Democratic and Community Development Potential of Student Newspapers on University CampusesFletcher, FredCukier, Wendy
Lan (Sheila) XuChanges in China's Media Since Economic ReformAllen, GeneSeaton, Beth
Zhicong YangFrom a Case Study to see the changes in Chinese Television Industry in the new centuryFeldman, SethMooers, Colin
Nikki YeboahPoverty Inc:  An Investigation into the Commodification of PovertyAlhassan, AminSkinner, David
Cindy YipContribution of Asian Dance to the Conception of Canadian IdentityCohnstaedt, JoyOdom, Selma
Dan (Angela) YuChinese Television ReformAllen, GeneSeaton, Elizabeth
Wenjun ZhangCanada and China: A Case Study of Selected Film Co-ProductionsCohnstaedt, JoyMooers, Colin
Sandra ZichermannRealistic Promises? Or Unrealistic Goals? Canadian Government's Response to Romanow's Health Care Funding InitiativesFletcher, FredShields, John

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