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Calendar Year Term Course # Course Title
2024 Y gs/kahs 5340A
2024 SU gs/kahs 5400A
2024 Y gs/kahs 5400A
2024 W gs/kahs 5400M
2025 W gs/kahs 5400M
2024 F gs/kahs 5410A
2024 SU gs/kahs 5410A
2024 W gs/kahs 5410M
2025 W gs/kahs 5410M
2024 F gs/kahs 6010A
2024 W gs/kahs 6020M
2025 W gs/kahs 6020M
2024 F gs/kahs 6030A
2024 F gs/kahs 6130A
2024 W gs/kahs 6143M
2025 W gs/kahs 6150M
2024 F gs/kahs 6152A
2024 F gs/kahs 6155A
2024 W gs/kahs 6156M
2025 W gs/kahs 6156M
2024 F gs/kahs 6170A
2024 W gs/kahs 6175M
2024 Y gs/kahs 6210A
2024 SU gs/kahs 6220A
2024 F gs/kahs 6220A
2025 W gs/kahs 6220M
2024 W gs/kahs 6220M
2024 F gs/kahs 6273A
2024 F gs/kahs 6301A
2024 W gs/kahs 6365M
2025 W gs/kahs 6370M
2024 F gs/kahs 6375A
2025 W gs/kahs 6382M
2024 W gs/kahs 6390M
2025 W gs/kahs 6391M
2024 F gs/kahs 6393A
2024 W gs/kahs 6430M
2024 Y gs/kahs 6456A
2024 Y gs/kahs 6457A
2024 F gs/kahs 6460A
2024 W gs/kahs 6475M
2025 W gs/kahs 6475M
2025 W gs/kahs 6480M
2024 F gs/kahs 6485A
2024 Y gs/kahs 7200A
2024 Y gs/kahs 7210A

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