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Learn more about our Course Schedule for full-time and part-time students.

Students in all streams of the graduate program are expected to be registered every term and to take courses every term in order to progress through the program. Effective September 2018 - Graduate students in nursing entering in the program will require at least a B grade in core courses in order to progress in the program. If students are not successful in earning at least a B after two attempts in a core course they will be exited from the program.

Please note: Effective Fall 2023, NURS 5700 or NURS 5750 is being replaced with NURS 5725.

Calendar Year Term Course # Course Title
2023 F gs/nurs 5000A
2024 SU gs/nurs 5000A
2024 W gs/nurs 5000M
2023 F gs/nurs 5100A
2024 F gs/nurs 5100A
2023 F gs/nurs 5100B
2024 F gs/nurs 5100B
2024 F gs/nurs 5100C
2023 F gs/nurs 5100C
2024 F gs/nurs 5100D
2023 F gs/nurs 5100D
2024 F gs/nurs 5100E
2024 SU gs/nurs 5110A
2024 W gs/nurs 5111M
2023 F gs/nurs 5135A
2025 W gs/nurs 5150M
2024 F gs/nurs 5155A
2023 F gs/nurs 5175A
2024 F gs/nurs 5180A
2024 W gs/nurs 5180M
2024 F gs/nurs 5200A
2024 SU gs/nurs 5200A
2023 F gs/nurs 5200A
2024 SU gs/nurs 5200B
2024 W gs/nurs 5200M
2025 W gs/nurs 5200M
2023 F gs/nurs 5300A
2024 W gs/nurs 5300M
2024 W gs/nurs 5300N
2024 W gs/nurs 5300O
2023 F gs/nurs 5400A
2024 F gs/nurs 5400A
2023 F gs/nurs 5400B
2024 F gs/nurs 5400B
2024 W gs/nurs 5500M
2024 W gs/nurs 5500N
2024 SU gs/nurs 5570A
2023 F gs/nurs 5725A
2024 F gs/nurs 5725A
2024 W gs/nurs 5725M
2025 W gs/nurs 5725M
2024 W gs/nurs 5725N
2025 W gs/nurs 5725N
2024 W gs/nurs 5725O
2025 W gs/nurs 5725O
2023 Y gs/nurs 5810A
2024 SU gs/nurs 5810A
2023 Y gs/nurs 5820A
2024 SU gs/nurs 5820A
2023 F gs/nurs 5830A
2023 F gs/nurs 5830B
2023 F gs/nurs 5830C
2025 W gs/nurs 5840M
2024 W gs/nurs 5840M
2025 W gs/nurs 5840N
2024 W gs/nurs 5840N
2025 W gs/nurs 5840O
2024 W gs/nurs 5840O
2025 W gs/nurs 5840P
2024 F gs/nurs 5850A
2023 F gs/nurs 5850A
2024 F gs/nurs 5850B
2023 F gs/nurs 5850B
2024 F gs/nurs 5850C
2024 W gs/nurs 5860M
2025 W gs/nurs 5860M
2024 W gs/nurs 5860N
2025 W gs/nurs 5860N
2025 W gs/nurs 5860O
2024 SU gs/nurs 5870A
2024 SU gs/nurs 5870B
2024 F gs/nurs 5880A
2024 SU gs/nurs 5880A
2023 F gs/nurs 5880A
2024 F gs/nurs 5880B
2023 F gs/nurs 6300A
2024 SU gs/nurs 6300A
2024 W gs/nurs 6300M
2023 F gs/nurs 6453A
2025 W gs/nurs 6453M
2024 SU gs/nurs 6477A
2023 Y gs/nurs 7000A
2024 Y gs/nurs 7000A
2023 Y gs/nurs 7005A
2024 Y gs/nurs 7005A
2023 Y gs/nurs 7015A
2024 Y gs/nurs 7015A
2023 Y gs/nurs 7020A
2024 Y gs/nurs 7020A
2023 F gs/nurs 7030A
2024 F gs/nurs 7040A
2024 SU gs/nurs 8000A
2024 F gs/nurs 8000A
2023 F gs/nurs 8000A
2024 W gs/nurs 8000M
2025 W gs/nurs 8000M

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