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Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioners (PHCNP)

York’s innovative Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioners program enables students to provide individuals, families, groups and all types of communities with services such as health promotion, disease and injury prevention, acute and chronic disease management, rehabilitation and support. 

PHCNP Overview 

Prior to beginning the PCHNP courses, students must successfully complete 12 core credits from the MScN program (NURS 5100 6.0: Theoretical and Philosophical Foundations of Nursing Science, NURS 5200 3.0: Qualitative Research Methods in Nursing Science, and NURS 5300 3.0: Quantitative Research Methods in Nursing Science). The PHCNP program requires the completion of 7 PHCNP courses, two of which are offered online, four require seminar attendance at York, and five require clinical placements, which will be held in the GTA. Attendance is mandatory for seminars and clinical placements.  

Additionally, students have to take the non-credit course NURS 5880 0.0: Practice-based Research Proposal (PRP), which provides students with the opportunity for a critical and analytic reflection on a topic/issue/problem related to the student's practicum experience. Students will be supervised in the preparation of a research proposal by graduate faculty members in the School of Nursing at York University. Full–time students will complete the program in 6 consecutive semesters and part-time students in three to four years, depending on course load. Graduates are eligible to write the Canadian Nurse Practitioner Exam Examination: Family/All Ages to qualify as an NP–PHC. 

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