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Participants of the Grad Sports League ultimate frisbee challenge assembled for a group photograph

Join in on the fun: FGS announces the Grad Sports League

The Grad Sports League will meet once a month with teams challenging one another in round-robin style tournaments, rotating through different sports. All graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and faculty members are welcome to participate.

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Cover of Mulheres Quilombolas, Interseccionalidades, e Políticas Públicas

New book focuses on the Quilombolas of Brazil

The book, Mulheres Quilombolas, Interseccionalidades, e Políticas Públicas, has a unique connection to York University. Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies political science Professor Simone Bohn is one of the book’s editors.

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Expand the Grad @ York Story

Do you have a story or event to share with the wider graduate community? We’d love to hear from our students, faculty, staff, and alumni on what’s happening in and around FGS. Our digital platforms connect us with future and current students, as well as alumni and community partners, to help tell our story.

Alumni in the News

photo of Noora Sharrab

Noora Sharrab

Noora Sharrab, a Palestinina refugee in origin, was a student in our program as an MA, and has become a prize-winning social investor as one of the founders of Sitti— a sustainable social enterprise committed to the self-reliance of the refugee community.

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photo of John Carlaw

John Carlaw

John Carlaw a York POLS PhD now holds a Research Fellowship at Toronto’s Metropolitain University. He is a very well-known activist in refugee response initiatives having served as the Project Lead of York University's Syria Response and Refugee Initiative, a refugee sponsorship and education initiative at York’s Centre for Refugee Studies.

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photo of Julian Campisi

Julian Campisi

Julian Campisi (PhD, York University) is an Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream at the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus. He joined UTSC in September 2021. His research focuses on political risk analysis in developed economies. He was a 2020/21 MITACS Science Policy Fellow at DND/CAF, and currently teaches courses at UTSC in public policy, IR and comparative politics.

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The Graduate Program in Political Science at York is an exciting environment to pursue innovative, socially engaging, career-ready education. Contact our Graduate Program Assistant to learn more.