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Diploma Program in Democratic Administration

Graduate Diploma in Democratic Administration is offered by The Graduate Program in Political Science and awarded concurrently with a Masters or Doctoral degree.

The Diploma program aims to equip students with both the analytical and practical insights needed to help build more democratic and responsive institutions. The program is geared to both new and returning students who aspire to leadership positions. It is open to students from outside the political science program.

Students are exposed to an in-depth analysis of the parameters which constrain collective institutions and the state, with the goal of ensuring that students are able to both elaborate and critically evaluate policies across a broad range of social and economic issues. Equally important, in keeping with the democratic thrust of the program, students explore alternative methods of policy formation and implementation.

Students must complete the program requirements of the degree for which they are registered. In order to receive a Diploma in Democratic Administration following requirements must also be satisfied:

  1. Successfully complete GS POLS 6155 3.0: Democratic Administration. This course is an additional requirement, over and above regular degree requirements, and may not be counted towards the course requirements for the Masters or Doctoral degrees.
  2. Write a Major Research paper, Thesis or Dissertation on a topic related to Democratic Administration approved by the Coordinator of the Democratic Administration Diploma.

If you wish to apply for admission to the Graduate Diploma in Democratic Administration, please contact the Graduate Diploma Coordinator, Asad Haider (Assistant Professor, Department of Politics), at

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