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Faculty & Research

At the School of Global Health, we approach research with the understanding that the health of people around the world is intertwined with the broader social, cultural, political, legal, physical, and economic environment in which they live. Within this context, research at the School of Global Health seeks to improve the health and well-being for all people globally by bringing together expertise from multiple disciplines to collaborate on developing cutting-edge methodologies and solutions for global health problems. 

Global health challenges are complex, but solvable, if and only if we can situate health equity at the centre of all endeavours to improve health. It is this philosophy that informs our approach to research. Our genuine commitment to addressing important global health problems through research requires full inclusiveness of all the parties involved, including a shared vision and commitment to the benefits of the research.With a health equity focus at the core, the diversity and scope of our research is directly relevant to and contributes to the global effort at achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs), particularly SDG3, SDG5, SDG6, SDG10, SDG13, SDG16, and SDG17. Faculty members at the School of Global Health are leading efforts internationally to advance our knowledge on and tackle some of the most pressing global health issues of our time, from emerging infectious disease threats to antimicrobial resistance to climate change. We do this by developing authentic partnerships with communities, other academics, research institutions, non-governmental organizations, governments, international health bodies, and other key stakeholders around the world; research partnerships that we can leverage to drive policy and practice.