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Adrienne Shnier

Dr. Adrienne Shnier, B.A. (Hons.), M.A., Ph.D., J.D., is lawyer and Managing Partner at her law firm, Shnier Mackenzie Law & Policy Consulting, Professional Corporation, which offers Health Law, Business Law, Franchise Law, Commercial Leasing & Real Estate, and Family Law in Toronto. Dr. Shnier is Program Director of the LLM Program in Health at Osgoode Hall Law School, Adjunct Professor in the School of Global Health and School of Health Policy & Management at York University, teaching health policy, pharmaceutical policy, and health law. Dr. Shnier's research focuses on pharmaceutical policy, regulation, law, and fraud, and she has published and lectured on her research internationally. In support of students' achieving admissions to their dream post-graduate programs, Dr. Shnier founded Apply Yourself: The Advancement Spot Inc., where she serves her clients internationally as they receive acceptances with a 90% success rate to law school, medical school, dental school, Master's and Doctoral programs, and more. Dr. Shnier has a podcast, The Advancement Spot Podcast, which is a free resource for students and applicants who are ready to make their dreams their realities by working on mindset and tangible skills to build lives beyond their wildest dreams.