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Patrick Fafard

Patrick Fafard has enjoyed a lengthy career that spans both government and academia. While with the Government of Canada, he served as a Director-General in the Intergovernmental Affairs Secretariat of the Privy Council Office. At the provincial level, he served in multiple capacities with three provincial governments, including as a policy advisor to the Ontario Ministry of Intergovernmental Affairs and as Executive Director of the Saskatchewan Commission on Medicare.

Patrick has a PhD in Political Studies from Queen’s University and an MA in Political Science from York University. His academic interests are wide-ranging, and he is the author, co-author or editor of numerous publications on public health, trade, environmental policies, and intergovernmental relations. Patrick’s most recent work has appeared in Health Policy, Evidence and Policy, Policy and Politics, Public Health, and the Canadian Journal of Public Health. He is the co-editor of a recently published book, Integrating Science and Politics for Public Health and serves as co-editor of the monograph series Palgrave Studies in Public Health Policy Research.

Patrick’s current teaching and research include the public administration of public health, building the political science of public health, and global health governance to address the challenge of antimicrobial resistance. Patrick also serves in leadership roles for the Global Strategy Lab at York University and the University of Ottawa and for the Centre for Health Law, Policy and Ethics, the Institute for Science, Society and Policy, and the Ottawa Hub for Harm Reduction at the University of Ottawa.