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Oghenowede Eyawo

Assistant Professor

DB 5022G 30044

Oghenowede Eyawo

Dr. Oghenowede Eyawo is an Assistant Professor of Global Health Epidemiology at the Faculty of Health. With training in epidemiology, population and public health, Dr. Eyawo’s research interest is focused on precision-based global health and the application of epidemiological methods to examine patterns of morbidity, mortality and their potential effects among vulnerable populations of children, women and men. Much of his work has focused on examining the health journey and patterns of health outcomes among HIV-positive individuals in North America and globally, as they age with other comorbidities in the era of antiretroviral therapy. 

More recently, his research interest has evolved to focus on underserved diseases and the social, political, and economic determinants of health among marginalized populations. His work seeks to broaden our understanding and management of the many intersecting issues (e.g., poverty, health inequity, weak health systems etc.) affecting marginalized populations around the world and to solutions that may help us meet the challenges ahead. He is interested in infectious diseases, particularly in child health, and non-communicable diseases in Africa. He is also interested in the methodological aspects of study designs in observational and experimental epidemiology, and how to improve the use of linked health administrative data in research. Dr. Eyawo is an expert advisor to the Global Burden of Disease (GBD), the largest accumulation of health data in history. He is seeking graduate students with a keen interest in topics of global importance.